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abstract public class: AbstractContext [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    SessionContext, ApplicationContext, RequestContext, DependentContext, ConversationContext

Abstract implementation of the WebBeansContext interfaces.
Field Summary
protected  boolean active    Context status, active or not 
protected  ContextTypes type    Context type 
protected  Map<?, Object> componentInstanceMap    Context contextual instances 
protected  Class<Annotation> scopeType    Contextual Scope Type 
protected  Map<?> creationalContextMap    Contextual to CreationalContext Map 
 protected AbstractContext() 
 protected AbstractContext(Class<Annotation> scopeType) 
    Creates a new context with given scope type.
    scopeType - context scope type
 protected AbstractContext(ContextTypes type) 
    Creates a new context with given context type.
    type - context type
Method from org.apache.webbeans.context.AbstractContext Summary:
checkActive,   destroy,   get,   get,   getComponentInstanceMap,   getInstance,   getScope,   getType,   isActive,   setActive,   setComponentInstanceMap
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Method from org.apache.webbeans.context.AbstractContext Detail:
 protected  void checkActive() 
    Check that context is active or throws exception.
 public  void destroy() 
 public T get(Contextual<T> component) 
 public T get(Contextual<T> component,
    CreationalContext<T> creationalContext) 
 public Map<?, Object> getComponentInstanceMap() 
 protected T getInstance(Contextual<T> component,
    CreationalContext<T> creationalContext) 
 public Class<Annotation> getScope() 
 public ContextTypes getType() 
    Type of the context.
 public boolean isActive() 
    Gets context active flag.
 public  void setActive(boolean active) 
    Set component active flag.
 abstract protected  void setComponentInstanceMap()