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public final class: ContextFactory [javadoc | source]
Gets current WebBeansContext instances on the current thread context.
Method from org.apache.webbeans.context.ContextFactory Summary:
destroyApplicationContext,   destroyConversationContext,   destroyRequestContext,   destroySessionContext,   getCustomContext,   getDependentContext,   getStandardContext,   getStandartContext,   initApplicationContext,   initConversationContext,   initRequestContext,   initSessionContext
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Method from org.apache.webbeans.context.ContextFactory Detail:
 public static  void destroyApplicationContext(ServletContext servletContext) 
    Destroys the application context and all of its components at the end of the application.
 public static  void destroyConversationContext() 
 public static  void destroyRequestContext(HttpServletRequest request) 
    Destroys the request context and all of its components.
 public static  void destroySessionContext(HttpSession session) 
    Destroys the session context and all of its components at the end of the session.
 public static Context getCustomContext(Context context) 
 public static DependentContext getDependentContext() 
 public static WebBeansContext getStandardContext(Class<Annotation> scopeType) 
    Gets the standard context with given scope type.
 public static WebBeansContext getStandartContext(ContextTypes type) throws ContextNotActiveException 
    Gets the current context with given type.
 public static  void initApplicationContext(ServletContext servletContext) 
    Creates the application context at the application startup
 public static  void initConversationContext(ConversationContext context) 
 public static  void initRequestContext(ServletRequestEvent event) 
    Initialize requext context with the given request object.
 public static  void initSessionContext(HttpSession session) 
    Creates the session context at the session start.