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public class: XMLInjectionPointModel [javadoc | source]
Defines the model that is related with injection point decleration. Each injection point decleration defined in the XML file defines the injection point API type and Binding type annotations.

If injection point is a parametrized type, actual type arguments are defined in the XML file. See specification for further details.

 public XMLInjectionPointModel(Class<?> arrayElementType) 
 public XMLInjectionPointModel(Class<?> injectionClassType,
    Type[] actualTypeArguments) 
    Creates new injection point model.
    injectionClassType - injection point class type
    actualTypeArguments - injection point actual type arguments
Method from org.apache.webbeans.inject.xml.XMLInjectionPointModel Summary:
addAnnotation,   addBindingType,   equals,   getActualTypeArguments,   getAnnotations,   getBindingTypes,   getInjectionClassType,   getInjectionGenericType,   getInjectionMember,   getType,   hashCode,   isArray,   isParametrized,   setInjectionMember,   setType
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Method from org.apache.webbeans.inject.xml.XMLInjectionPointModel Detail:
 public  void addAnnotation(Annotation annotation) 
    Add new injection point annotation
 public  void addBindingType(Annotation bindingType) 
    Add new binding type annotation to the injection point.
 public boolean equals(Object obj) 
 public Type[] getActualTypeArguments() 
    Gets actual type arguments.
 public Set<Annotation> getAnnotations() 
 public Set<Annotation> getBindingTypes() 
    Gets unmodifiable binding types of the injection point.
 public Class<?> getInjectionClassType() 
    Gets injection point class type.
 public Type getInjectionGenericType() 
 public Member getInjectionMember() 
 public XMLInjectionModelType getType() 
 public int hashCode() 
 public boolean isArray() 
 public boolean isParametrized() 
    Returns the injection point is parametrized type.
 public  void setInjectionMember(Member injectionMember) 
 public  void setType(XMLInjectionModelType type)