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public interface: InterceptorData [javadoc | source]

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Web Beans general interceptor API contract. There are two types of interceptor definition in the Web Beans Container. These are;

If the web beans is an EJB component, EJB container is responsible for calling the EJB related interceptors, otherwise Web Beans container takes the responsibility. In the both cases, Web Beans Container is responsible for calling web beans related inteceptors.

Method from org.apache.webbeans.intercept.InterceptorData Summary:
getAnnotatedMethod,   getAroundInvoke,   getInterceptorInstance,   getPostConstruct,   getPreDestroy,   getWebBeansInterceptor,   isDefinedInInterceptorClass,   isDefinedInMethod,   isDefinedWithWebBeansInterceptor,   setAnnotatedMethod,   setDefinedInInterceptorClass,   setDefinedInMethod,   setInterceptor,   setInterceptorInstance,   setWebBeansInterceptor
Method from org.apache.webbeans.intercept.InterceptorData Detail:
 public Method getAnnotatedMethod()
    Gets the interceptor annotated method.
 public Method getAroundInvoke()
 public Object getInterceptorInstance()
    Gets the interceptor instance.
 public Method getPostConstruct()
 public Method getPreDestroy()
 public Interceptor<?> getWebBeansInterceptor()
 public boolean isDefinedInInterceptorClass()
    Checks whether the interceptor is defined at the interceptor class.
 public boolean isDefinedInMethod()
    Checks the interceptor is defined at the method level.
 public boolean isDefinedWithWebBeansInterceptor()
    Checks whether interceptor is configured with webbeans interceptor definition or not.
 public  void setAnnotatedMethod(Method annotatedMethod)
    Sets the interceptor annotated method.
 public  void setDefinedInInterceptorClass(boolean definedInInterceptorClass)
    Sets the source of the interceptor.
 public  void setDefinedInMethod(boolean definedInMethod)
    Sets true if interceptor is defined at the method, false ow.
 public  void setInterceptor(Method m,
    Class<Annotation> annotation)
    Sets the interceptor method.
 public  void setInterceptorInstance(Object instance)
    Sets the interceptor instance.
 public  void setWebBeansInterceptor(Interceptor<?> webBeansInterceptor)