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public final class: WebBeansLogger [javadoc | source]
Wrapper class around the log4j logger class to include some checks before the logs are actually written.

Actually, it is a thin layer on the log4j Logger implementation.

Method from org.apache.webbeans.logger.WebBeansLogger Summary:
debug,   debug,   error,   error,   error,   fatal,   fatal,   getLogger,   info,   info,   setLogger,   trace,   trace,   warn,   warn
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Method from org.apache.webbeans.logger.WebBeansLogger Detail:
 public  void debug(String message) 
 public  void debug(String message,
    Throwable e) 
 public  void error(Throwable e) 
 public  void error(String message) 
 public  void error(String message,
    Throwable e) 
 public  void fatal(String message) 
 public  void fatal(String message,
    Throwable e) 
 public static WebBeansLogger getLogger(Class<?> clazz) 
    Gets the new web beans logger instance.
 public  void info(String message) 
 public  void info(String message,
    Throwable e) 
 public  void setLogger(Logger logger) 
    Sets the logger
 public  void trace(String message) 
 public  void trace(String message,
    Throwable e) 
 public  void warn(String message) 
 public  void warn(String message,
    Throwable e)