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public interface: SchemaComponent [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    SchemaType, SchemaGlobalAttributeImpl, SchemaIdentityConstraint, SchemaAnnotation, SchemaAttributeGroup, SchemaAttributeGroupImpl, SchemaGlobalElementImpl, SchemaTypeImpl, SchemaAnnotationImpl, SchemaModelGroup, SchemaGlobalElement, SchemaIdentityConstraintImpl, SchemaGlobalAttribute, SchemaModelGroupImpl

Represents a global Schema Component. That is, a type, element, attribute, model group, attribute group, or identity constraint.

Note that not all types, elements, and attributes are global; local types, element, and attributes do not appear in the global lookup table. Also note that other information items such as particles, facets, and so on are not globally indexed, so are not SchemaComponents.

Nested Class Summary:
abstract public static class  SchemaComponent.Ref  A lazy reference to a component. Used by SchemaTypeLoaders to avoid loading components until they are actually needed. 
Field Summary
static final  int TYPE    A type definition. See #getComponentType  
static final  int ELEMENT    An element definition. See #getComponentType  
static final  int ATTRIBUTE    An attribute definition. See #getComponentType  
static final  int ATTRIBUTE_GROUP    An attribute group definition. See #getComponentType  
static final  int IDENTITY_CONSTRAINT    An identity constraint definition. See #getComponentType  
static final  int MODEL_GROUP    A model group definition. See #getComponentType  
static final  int NOTATION    A notation definition. See #getComponentType  
static final  int ANNOTATION    An annotation. See #getComponentType  
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.SchemaComponent Summary:
getComponentRef,   getComponentType,   getName,   getSourceName,   getTypeSystem
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.SchemaComponent Detail:
 public Ref getComponentRef()
    Used for on-demand loading of schema components.
 public int getComponentType()
 public QName getName()
    The name of the schema component
 public String getSourceName()
 public SchemaTypeSystem getTypeSystem()
    Returns the typesystem within which this component definition resides