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abstract class: XmlCursor.XmlBookmark [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    CDataBookmark, XmlLineNumber, SchemaBookmark

Subclasses of XmlBookmark can be used to annotate an XML document. This class is abstract to prevent parties from inadvertently interfering with each others' bookmarks without explicitly sharing a bookmark class.
Field Summary
public  XmlMark _currentMark    The mark is set by the host document; it is capable of returning an XmlCursor implementation at the location of the bookmark. 
public final  Reference _ref    If non-null, the ref is used by the host document to maintain a reference to the bookmark. If it is a weak reference, the host document will not prevent the Bookmark from being garbage collected. 
 public XmlBookmark() 
 public XmlBookmark(boolean weak) 
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlCursor$XmlBookmark Summary:
createCursor,   getKey,   toBookmark
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Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlCursor$XmlBookmark Detail:
 public final XmlCursor createCursor() 
    Call the createCursor method to create a new cursor which is positioned at the same splace as the bookmark. It is much more efficient to call toBookmark on an existing cursor than it is to create a new cursor. However, toBookmark may fail if the bookmark is in a different document than the cursor. It is under these circumstances where createCursor needs to be called on the bookmark. Subsequent navigations to bookmark positions should attempt to reuse the last cursor to improve performace.
 public Object getKey() 
    The default key for bookmarks is the class which implements them. This way, multiple parties using bookmarks in the same instance document will not interfere with eachother. One can, however, override getKey() to use a key other than the class.
 public final XmlCursor toBookmark(XmlCursor c) 
    Moves the given cursor to this bookmark, and returns it.