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public interface: XmlToken [javadoc | source]

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All Known Implementing Classes:
    XmlNCName, XmlName, XmlID, XmlTokenImpl, XmlNameImpl, XmlENTITY, XmlIdImpl, XmlEntityImpl, XmlNmTokenImpl, XmlLanguageImpl, XmlLanguage, XmlNMTOKEN, XmlNCNameImpl, XmlIDREF, XmlIdRefImpl

Corresponds to the XML Schema xs:token type. One of the derived types based on xs:string.

A token is XML's best representation for a "whitespace insensitive string." All carriage returns, linefeeds, and tabs are converted to ordinary space characters (as with xs:normalizedString), and furthermore, all contiguous runs of space are collapsed to single spaces, and leading and trailing spaces are trimmed.

If you want "  high  priority  " to be equivalent to "high priority", you should consider using xs:token or a subtype of xs:token.

When the #stringValue is obtained from an XmlToken, the normalized, trimmed, whitespace collapsed value is returned.

Convertible to String .
Nested Class Summary:
public static final class  XmlToken.Factory  A class with methods for creating instances of {@link XmlToken}. 
Field Summary
public static final  SchemaType type    The constant SchemaType object representing this schema type.