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PrefixResolver     code | html
ValidationContext     code | html
ValidatorListener   First event must be a BEGIN with no name (to communicate any xsi information).  code | html
ValidatorListener.Event     code | html
XmlLocale     code | html

Abstract Classes:

IdentityConstraint.ConstraintState     code | html
PushedInputStream     code | html
XmlEventBase   Abstract base class which implements the type part XMLEvent.  code | html


ConcurrentReaderHashMap   A version of Hashtable that supports mostly-concurrent reading, but exclusive writing.  code | html
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.BarrierLock   A Serializable class for barrier lock  code | html
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Entry   ConcurrentReaderHashMap collision list entry.  code | html
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.EntrySet     code | html
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.HashIterator     code | html
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeyIterator     code | html
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeySet     code | html
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.ValueIterator     code | html
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Values     code | html
EncodingMap     code | html
GenericXmlInputStream     code | html
GenericXmlInputStream.EventItem     code | html
GlobalLock   Whenever multiple locks must be acquired within the implementation of XML Beans, this GlobalLock is acquired first, and then released when all the acutally-needed locks have been acquired.  code | html
IOUtil     code | html
IdentityConstraint   Identity constraint engine.  code | html
IdentityConstraint.ElementState     code | html
IdentityConstraint.FieldState     code | html
IdentityConstraint.IdRefState     code | html
IdentityConstraint.IdState     code | html
IdentityConstraint.KeyrefState     code | html
IdentityConstraint.SelectorState     code | html
InvalidLexicalValueException   Author: Cezar Andrei (cezar.andrei at bea.com) Date: Nov 24, 2003  code | html
JarHelper   Provides utility services for jarring and unjarring files and directories.  code | html
Levenshtein     code | html
LoadSaveUtils   Author: Cezar Andrei ( cezar.andrei at bea.com ) Date: Nov 11, 2003  code | html
Mutex     code | html
NameUtil     code | html
PushedInputStream.InternalOutputStream     code | html
QNameHelper     code | html
ReaderInputStream     code | html
ResolverUtil   Author: Cezar Andrei (cezar.andrei at bea.com) Date: Dec 3, 2003  code | html
Sax2Dom     code | html
SniffedXmlInputStream     code | html
SniffedXmlInputStream.ScannedAttribute     code | html
SniffedXmlReader     code | html
SoftCache     code | html
SystemCache   This class encapsulates the caching strategy for XmlBeans.  code | html
XBeanDebug     code | html
XMLChar   This class defines the basic XML character properties.  code | html
XMLNameHelper     code | html
XPath     code | html
XPath.CompilationContext     code | html
XPath.ExecutionContext     code | html
XPath.ExecutionContext.PathContext     code | html
XPath.Selector     code | html
XPath.Step     code | html
XPath.XPathCompileException     code | html
XmlEncodingSniffer     code | html
XmlErrorPrinter     code | html
XmlErrorWatcher     code | html
XmlNameImpl     code | html
XmlObjectList   A class to hold and compare a list of XmlObjects for use by keys keyrefs during validation.  code | html
XmlReaderToWriter     code | html
XmlStreamUtils   debugging utilities for XmlStreamReader  code | html
XmlWhitespace     code | html