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public class: NameSet [javadoc | source]
Reprezents a non finite set of names.
Field Summary
public static  NameSet EMPTY    An empty NameSet, it doesn't contain any name 
public static  NameSet EVERYTHING    The NameSet that contains any name 
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.config.NameSet Summary:
contains,   intersect,   invert,   newInstance,   substract,   substractFrom,   union
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Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.config.NameSet Detail:
 public boolean contains(String name) 
 public NameSet intersect(NameSet with) 
    Returns the intersection of this NameSet with the 'with' NameSet
 public NameSet invert() 
    Returns an inversion of this NameSet
 static NameSet newInstance(boolean isFinite,
    Set finiteSet) 
 public NameSet substract(NameSet what) 
    Returns the result of substracting 'what' NameSet from this NameSet
 public NameSet substractFrom(NameSet from) 
    Returns the result of substracting this NameSet from 'from' NameSet
 public NameSet union(NameSet with) 
    Returns the union of this NameSet with the 'with' NameSet.