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public class: SchemaTypeSystemImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    SchemaTypeSystem, SchemaTypeLoader

Nested Class Summary:
static class  SchemaTypeSystemImpl.StringPool   
class  SchemaTypeSystemImpl.HandlePool   
Field Summary
public static final  int DATA_BABE     
public static final  int MAJOR_VERSION     
public static final  int MINOR_VERSION     
public static final  int RELEASE_NUMBER     
public static final  int FILETYPE_SCHEMAINDEX     
public static final  int FILETYPE_SCHEMATYPE     
public static final  int FILETYPE_SCHEMAELEMENT     
public static final  int FILETYPE_SCHEMAATTRIBUTE     
public static final  int FILETYPE_SCHEMAPOINTER     
public static final  int FILETYPE_SCHEMAMODELGROUP     
public static final  int FILETYPE_SCHEMAATTRIBUTEGROUP     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_SKIPPABLE     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_FIXED     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_NILLABLE     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_BLOCKEXT     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_BLOCKREST     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_BLOCKSUBST     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_ABSTRACT     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_FINALEXT     
public static final  int FLAG_PART_FINALREST     
public static final  int FLAG_PROP_ISATTR     
public static final  int FLAG_PROP_JAVASINGLETON     
public static final  int FLAG_PROP_JAVAOPTIONAL     
public static final  int FLAG_PROP_JAVAARRAY     
public static final  int FIELD_NONE     
public static final  int FIELD_GLOBAL     
public static final  int FIELD_LOCALATTR     
public static final  int FIELD_LOCALELT     
static final  int FLAG_SIMPLE_TYPE     
static final  int FLAG_DOCUMENT_TYPE     
static final  int FLAG_ORDERED     
static final  int FLAG_BOUNDED     
static final  int FLAG_FINITE     
static final  int FLAG_NUMERIC     
static final  int FLAG_STRINGENUM     
static final  int FLAG_UNION_OF_LISTS     
static final  int FLAG_HAS_PATTERN     
static final  int FLAG_ORDER_SENSITIVE     
static final  int FLAG_TOTAL_ORDER     
static final  int FLAG_COMPILED     
static final  int FLAG_BLOCK_EXT     
static final  int FLAG_BLOCK_REST     
static final  int FLAG_FINAL_EXT     
static final  int FLAG_FINAL_REST     
static final  int FLAG_FINAL_UNION     
static final  int FLAG_FINAL_LIST     
static final  int FLAG_ABSTRACT     
static final  int FLAG_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE     
public static  String METADATA_PACKAGE_GEN    This is to support the feature of a separate/private XMLBeans distribution that will not colide with the public org apache xmlbeans one. METADATA_PACKAGE_GEN will be "" for the original and something like com_mycompany_private_xmlbeans for a private distribution of XMLBeans. There are two properties: METADATA_PACKAGE_GEN - used for generating metadata and METADATA_PACKAGE_LOAD - used for loading the metadata. Most of the time they have the same value, with one exception, during the repackage process scomp needs to load from old package and generate into a new package. 
 SchemaTypeLoader _linker     
static final  byte[] SINGLE_ZERO_BYTE     
 public SchemaTypeSystemImpl(Class indexclass) 
 public SchemaTypeSystemImpl(String nameForSystem) 
 public SchemaTypeSystemImpl(ResourceLoader resourceLoader,
    String name,
    SchemaTypeLoader linker) 
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.schema.SchemaTypeSystemImpl Summary:
annotations,   attributeGroups,   attributeTypes,   containers,   crackPointer,   documentTypes,   fileContainsTypeSystem,   findAttributeGroupRef,   findAttributeRef,   findAttributeTypeRef,   findDocumentTypeRef,   findElementRef,   findIdentityConstraintRef,   findModelGroupRef,   findTypeRef,   forName,   getClassLoader,   getDependencies,   getName,   getSourceAsStream,   getTypeSystem,   globalAttributes,   globalElements,   globalTypes,   handleForType,   identityConstraints,   isIncomplete,   isNamespaceDefined,   loadFromBuilder,   loadFromStscState,   modelGroups,   redefinedAttributeGroups,   redefinedGlobalTypes,   redefinedModelGroups,   resolve,   resolveHandle,   save,   saveAttributeGroup,   saveAttributeGroups,   saveGlobalAttribute,   saveGlobalAttributes,   saveGlobalElement,   saveGlobalElements,   saveIdentityConstraint,   saveIdentityConstraints,   saveIndex,   saveLoader,   saveModelGroup,   saveModelGroups,   savePointerFile,   savePointers,   savePointersForClassnames,   savePointersForComponents,   savePointersForNamespaces,   saveToDirectory,   saveType,   saveTypesRecursively,   setDependencies,   setIncomplete,   typeForClassname,   typeForHandle,   typeSystemForName
Methods from org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.schema.SchemaTypeLoaderBase:
compilePath,   compilePath,   compileQuery,   compileQuery,   findAttribute,   findAttributeGroup,   findAttributeType,   findDocumentType,   findElement,   findModelGroup,   findType,   newDomImplementation,   newInstance,   newValidatingXMLInputStream,   newXmlSaxHandler,   parse,   parse,   parse,   parse,   parse,   parse,   parse,   parse,   typeForSignature
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Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.schema.SchemaTypeSystemImpl Detail:
 public SchemaAnnotation[] annotations() 
 public SchemaAttributeGroup[] attributeGroups() 
 public SchemaType[] attributeTypes() 
 SchemaContainer[] containers() 
 public static String crackPointer(InputStream stream) 
 public SchemaType[] documentTypes() 
 public static boolean fileContainsTypeSystem(File file,
    String name) 
 public Ref findAttributeGroupRef(QName name) 
 public Ref findAttributeRef(QName name) 
 public Ref findAttributeTypeRef(QName name) 
 public Ref findDocumentTypeRef(QName name) 
 public Ref findElementRef(QName name) 
 public Ref findIdentityConstraintRef(QName name) 
 public Ref findModelGroupRef(QName name) 
 public Ref findTypeRef(QName name) 
 public static SchemaTypeSystemImpl forName(String name,
    ClassLoader loader) 
 public ClassLoader getClassLoader() 
 SchemaDependencies getDependencies() 
 public String getName() 
 public InputStream getSourceAsStream(String sourceName) 
 final SchemaTypeSystemImpl getTypeSystem() 
 public SchemaGlobalAttribute[] globalAttributes() 
 public SchemaGlobalElement[] globalElements() 
 public SchemaType[] globalTypes() 
 public String handleForType(SchemaType type) 
    Used INTERNALLY ONLY by the code output AFTER the type system has been saved and a handle has been established for each type.
 public SchemaIdentityConstraint[] identityConstraints() 
 public boolean isIncomplete() 
 public boolean isNamespaceDefined(String namespace) 
 public  void loadFromBuilder(SchemaGlobalElement[] globalElements,
    SchemaGlobalAttribute[] globalAttributes,
    SchemaType[] globalTypes,
    SchemaType[] documentTypes,
    SchemaType[] attributeTypes) 
 public  void loadFromStscState(StscState state) 
 public SchemaModelGroup[] modelGroups() 
 public SchemaAttributeGroup[] redefinedAttributeGroups() 
 public SchemaType[] redefinedGlobalTypes() 
 public SchemaModelGroup[] redefinedModelGroups() 
 public  void resolve() 
 public SchemaComponent resolveHandle(String handle) 
 public  void save(Filer filer) 
 public  void saveAttributeGroup(SchemaAttributeGroup grp) 
 public  void saveAttributeGroups(SchemaAttributeGroup[] groups) 
 public  void saveGlobalAttribute(SchemaGlobalAttribute attr) 
 public  void saveGlobalAttributes(SchemaGlobalAttribute[] attrs) 
 public  void saveGlobalElement(SchemaGlobalElement elt) 
 public  void saveGlobalElements(SchemaGlobalElement[] elts) 
 public  void saveIdentityConstraint(SchemaIdentityConstraint idc) 
 public  void saveIdentityConstraints(SchemaIdentityConstraint[] idcs) 
  void saveIndex() 
  void saveLoader() 
    The strategy here is to copy the compiled TypeSystemHolder.template class to a new TypeSystemHolder.class needed by the schema type system. When saving a loader, we read the TypeSystemHolder.template class file and swap out the utf8 string constants with new ones to create a new TypeSystemHolder class file. This saves us the need to rely on javac to compile a generated .java file into the class file. See the JVM spec on how to interpret the bytes of a class file.
 public  void saveModelGroup(SchemaModelGroup grp) 
 public  void saveModelGroups(SchemaModelGroup[] groups) 
  void savePointerFile(String filename,
    String name) 
  void savePointers() 
  void savePointersForClassnames(Set classnames,
    String dir) 
  void savePointersForComponents(SchemaComponent[] components,
    String dir) 
  void savePointersForNamespaces(Set namespaces,
    String dir) 
 public  void saveToDirectory(File classDir) 
  void saveType(SchemaType type) 
  void saveTypesRecursively(SchemaType[] types) 
  void setDependencies(SchemaDependencies deps) 
  void setIncomplete(boolean incomplete) 
 public SchemaType typeForClassname(String classname) 
 public SchemaType typeForHandle(String handle) 
 public SchemaTypeSystem typeSystemForName(String name)