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Abstract Classes:

SchemaTypeLoaderBase     code | html


BuiltinSchemaTypeSystem     code | html
ClassLoaderResourceLoader     code | html
FileResourceLoader     code | html
PathResourceLoader     code | html
SchemaAnnotationImpl     code | html
SchemaAnnotationImpl.AttributeImpl     code | html
SchemaAttributeGroupImpl     code | html
SchemaAttributeModelImpl     code | html
SchemaContainer     code | html
SchemaDependencies     code | html
SchemaGlobalAttributeImpl     code | html
SchemaGlobalElementImpl     code | html
SchemaIdentityConstraintImpl     code | html
SchemaLocalAttributeImpl     code | html
SchemaLocalElementImpl     code | html
SchemaModelGroupImpl     code | html
SchemaParticleImpl     code | html
SchemaPropertyImpl     code | html
SchemaStringEnumEntryImpl     code | html
SchemaTypeCodePrinter   Prints the java code for a single schema type  code | html
SchemaTypeImpl     code | html
SchemaTypeImpl.SequencerImpl   Gives access to the internals of element validation  code | html
SchemaTypeLoaderImpl     code | html
SchemaTypeLoaderImpl.SchemaTypeLoaderCache     code | html
SchemaTypeLoaderImpl.SubLoaderList   Just used to avoid duplicate path entries  code | html
SchemaTypeSystemCompiler     code | html
SchemaTypeSystemCompiler.Parameters     code | html
SchemaTypeSystemImpl     code | html
SchemaTypeSystemImpl.HandlePool     code | html
SchemaTypeSystemImpl.StringPool     code | html
SchemaTypeSystemImpl.XsbReader     code | html
SchemaTypeVisitorImpl   This state machine validates element order based on a deterministic content model.  code | html
SchemaTypeVisitorImpl.VisitorState     code | html
SoapEncSchemaTypeSystem     code | html
StscChecker     code | html
StscComplexTypeResolver     code | html
StscComplexTypeResolver.CodeForNameEntry     code | html
StscComplexTypeResolver.RedefinitionForGroup     code | html
StscComplexTypeResolver.WildcardResult     code | html
StscImporter     code | html
StscImporter.DownloadTable     code | html
StscImporter.DownloadTable.DigestKey     code | html
StscImporter.DownloadTable.NsLocPair   Namespace/schemaLocation pair.  code | html
StscImporter.SchemaToProcess     code | html
StscJavaizer     code | html
StscResolver     code | html
StscSimpleTypeResolver     code | html
StscSimpleTypeResolver.CodeForNameEntry     code | html
StscState   This class represents the state of the SchemaTypeSystemCompiler as it's going.  code | html
StscState.StscStack   Stack management if (heaven help us) we ever need to do nested compilation of schema type system.  code | html
StscTranslator     code | html
StscTranslator.RedefinitionHolder     code | html
StscTranslator.RedefinitionMaster   This is used to aggregate all redefinitions for a specific component name.  code | html
TypeSystemHolder   This class is the hook which causes the SchemaTypeSystem to be loaded when a generated class is used.  code | html
XQuerySchemaTypeSystem   Same as BuiltinSchemaTypeSystem but adds three extra types (dayTimeDuration, yearMonthDuration and anyAtomicType) and makes all the primitives extend anyAtomicType code | html
XmlValueRef     code | html