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abstract class: Xobj [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    SoapHeaderElementXobj, SoapBodyXobj, AttrXobj, SoapHeaderXobj, NodeXobj, SoapEnvelopeXobj, SoapBodyElementXobj, SoapFaultXobj, SoapFaultElementXobj, DetailXobj, CommentXobj, NamedNodeXobj, DetailEntryXobj, ElementXobj, SoapPartDocXobj, DocumentFragXobj, AttrIdXobj, ProcInstXobj, DocumentXobj, SoapElementXobj

Nested Class Summary:
abstract static class  Xobj.NodeXobj   
static class  Xobj.DocumentXobj   
static class  Xobj.DocumentFragXobj   
static final class  Xobj.ElementAttributes   
abstract static class  Xobj.NamedNodeXobj   
static class  Xobj.ElementXobj   
static class  Xobj.AttrXobj   
static class  Xobj.AttrIdXobj   
static class  Xobj.CommentXobj   
static class  Xobj.ProcInstXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapPartDocXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapPartDom   
static class  Xobj.SoapElementXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapBodyXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapBodyElementXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapEnvelopeXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapHeaderXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapHeaderElementXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapFaultXobj   
static class  Xobj.SoapFaultElementXobj   
static class  Xobj.DetailXobj   
static class  Xobj.DetailEntryXobj   
static class  Xobj.Bookmark   
Field Summary
static final  int TEXT     
static final  int ROOT     
static final  int ELEM     
static final  int ATTR     
static final  int COMMENT     
static final  int PROCINST     
static final  int END_POS     
static final  int NO_POS     
static final  int VACANT     
static final  int STABLE_USER     
static final  int INHIBIT_DISCONNECT     
 Locale _locale     
 QName _name     
 Cur _embedded     
 Bookmark _bookmarks     
 int _bits     
 Xobj _parent     
 Xobj _nextSibling     
 Xobj _prevSibling     
 Xobj _firstChild     
 Xobj _lastChild     
 Object _srcValue     
 Object _srcAfter     
 int _offValue     
 int _offAfter     
 int _cchValue     
 int _cchAfter     
 CharNode _charNodesValue     
 CharNode _charNodesAfter     
 TypeStoreUser _user     
 Xobj(Locale l,
    int kind,
    int domType) 
Method from Summary:
add_attribute_user,   add_element_user,   appendXobj,   appendXobjs,   array_setter,   bitIsClear,   bitIsSet,   cchAfter,   cchLeft,   cchRight,   cchValue,   change_type,   clearBit,   compute_default_text,   compute_flags,   contains,   contains,   copy,   copyNode,   copy_contents_from,   count_elements,   count_elements,   disbandXobjs,   disconnectChildrenUsers,   disconnectNonRootUsers,   disconnectUser,   domType,   dump,   dump,   dump,   ensureOccupancy,   ensureParent,   entered,   exec_query,   fetch_text,   findXmlnsForPrefix,   find_all_element_users,   find_all_element_users,   find_attribute_user,   find_element_user,   find_element_user,   find_nil,   find_prefix_for_nsuri,   firstAttr,   getAttr,   getChars,   getChars,   getCharsAfterAsString,   getCharsAsString,   getCharsHelper,   getCharsValueAsString,   getDenormal,   getDom,   getDomZeroOneChildren,   getEmbedded,   getFirstChars,   getNamespaceForPrefix,   getNormal,   getObject,   getQName,   getString,   getUser,   getValueAsQName,   getValueAsString,   getValueAsString,   getXmlnsPrefix,   getXmlnsUri,   getXsiTypeName,   get_locale,   get_root_object,   get_schema_field,   get_schematypeloader,   get_xsi_type,   hasAttrs,   hasBookmark,   hasChildren,   hasTextEnsureOccupancy,   hasTextNoEnsureOccupancy,   inChars,   inhibitDisconnect,   insertCharsHelper,   insertXobj,   insertXobjs,   insert_element_user,   insert_element_user,   invalidateNil,   invalidateSpecialAttr,   invalidateUser,   invalidate_nil,   invalidate_text,   isAttr,   isCharNodesAfterUsable,   isCharNodesValueUsable,   isComment,   isContainer,   isElem,   isExistingCharNodesValueUsable,   isFirstChildPtrDomUsable,   isInSameTree,   isJustAfterEnd,   isNextSiblingPtrDomUsable,   isNormal,   isNormalAttr,   isOccupied,   isProcinst,   isRoot,   isStableUser,   isUserNode,   isVacant,   isValid,   isXmlns,   is_attribute,   kind,   lastAttr,   locale,   namespaceForPrefix,   newNode,   new_cursor,   nextAttr,   nodeType,   posAfter,   posMax,   posTemp,   prefixForNamespace,   removeAttr,   removeCharsHelper,   removeXobj,   removeXobjs,   remove_attribute,   remove_element,   remove_element,   setAttr,   setBit,   setBookmark,   setName,   setStableType,   setStableUser,   store_text,   substitute,   tempCur,   validate,   validate_on_set,   visit_elements,   walk
Methods from java.lang.Object:
clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from Detail:
 public TypeStoreUser add_attribute_user(QName name) 
 public TypeStoreUser add_element_user(QName name) 
 final Xobj appendXobj(Xobj c) 
 final  void appendXobjs(Xobj first,
    Xobj last) 
 public  void array_setter(XmlObject[] sources,
    QName elementName) 
 final boolean bitIsClear(int mask) 
 final boolean bitIsSet(int mask) 
 final int cchAfter() 
 final int cchLeft(int p) 
 final int cchRight(int p) 
 final int cchValue() 
 public TypeStoreUser change_type(SchemaType type) 
 final  void clearBit(int mask) 
 public String compute_default_text() 
 public int compute_flags() 
 final boolean contains(Cur c) 
 final boolean contains(Xobj x,
    int p) 
 public TypeStoreUser copy(SchemaTypeLoader stl,
    SchemaType type,
    XmlOptions options) 
 Xobj copyNode(Locale toLocale) 
 public TypeStoreUser copy_contents_from(TypeStore source) 
 public int count_elements(QName name) 
 public int count_elements(QNameSet names) 
 static final  void disbandXobjs(Xobj first,
    Xobj last) 
  void disconnectChildrenUsers() 
  void disconnectNonRootUsers() 
  void disconnectUser() 
 final int domType() 
 public  void dump() 
 public  void dump(PrintStream o) 
 public  void dump(PrintStream o,
    Object ref) 
 final  void ensureOccupancy() 
 final Xobj ensureParent() 
 final boolean entered() 
 public XmlObject[] exec_query(String queryExpr,
    XmlOptions options) throws XmlException 
 public String fetch_text(int wsr) 
 final Xobj findXmlnsForPrefix(String prefix) 
 public  void find_all_element_users(QName name,
    List fillMeUp) 
 public  void find_all_element_users(QNameSet names,
    List fillMeUp) 
 public TypeStoreUser find_attribute_user(QName name) 
 public TypeStoreUser find_element_user(QName name,
    int i) 
 public TypeStoreUser find_element_user(QNameSet names,
    int i) 
 public boolean find_nil() 
 public String find_prefix_for_nsuri(String nsuri,
    String suggested_prefix) 
 final Xobj firstAttr() 
 final Xobj getAttr(QName name) 
 Object getChars(int pos,
    int cch) 
 Object getChars(int pos,
    int cch,
    Cur c) 
 String getCharsAfterAsString(int off,
    int cch) 
 String getCharsAsString(int p,
    int cch,
    int wsr) 
 Object getCharsHelper(int pos,
    int cch) 
 String getCharsValueAsString(int off,
    int cch) 
 final Xobj getDenormal(int p) 
 abstract Dom getDom()
 protected final int getDomZeroOneChildren() 
    this method is to speed up DomImpl when underlying obj is an Xobj
 final Cur getEmbedded() 
 Object getFirstChars() 
 public String getNamespaceForPrefix(String prefix) 
 final Xobj getNormal(int p) 
 final XmlObject getObject() 
 public final QName getQName() 
 String getString(int p,
    int cch) 
 final TypeStoreUser getUser() 
 final QName getValueAsQName() 
 String getValueAsString() 
 String getValueAsString(int wsr) 
 final String getXmlnsPrefix() 
 final String getXmlnsUri() 
 final QName getXsiTypeName() 
 public XmlLocale get_locale() 
 public Object get_root_object() 
 public SchemaField get_schema_field() 
 public SchemaTypeLoader get_schematypeloader() 
 public QName get_xsi_type() 
 final boolean hasAttrs() 
 final boolean hasBookmark(Object key,
    int pos) 
 final boolean hasChildren() 
 final boolean hasTextEnsureOccupancy() 
 final boolean hasTextNoEnsureOccupancy() 
 final boolean inChars(int p,
    Xobj xIn,
    int pIn,
    int cch,
    boolean includeEnd) 
 final boolean inhibitDisconnect() 
 final  void insertCharsHelper(int p,
    Object src,
    int off,
    int cch,
    boolean invalidate) 
 final Xobj insertXobj(Xobj s) 
 final  void insertXobjs(Xobj first,
    Xobj last) 
 public TypeStoreUser insert_element_user(QName name,
    int i) 
 public TypeStoreUser insert_element_user(QNameSet names,
    QName name,
    int i) 
  void invalidateNil() 
 final  void invalidateSpecialAttr(Xobj newParent) 
 final  void invalidateUser() 
 public  void invalidate_nil() 
 public  void invalidate_text() 
 final boolean isAttr() 
 protected final boolean isCharNodesAfterUsable() 
    can one use the _charNodesAfter pointer to retrieve the next DOM sibling
 protected final boolean isCharNodesValueUsable() 
 final boolean isComment() 
 final boolean isContainer() 
 final boolean isElem() 
 protected final boolean isExistingCharNodesValueUsable() 
    can one use the _charNodesValue pointer to retrieve the next DOM sibling
 protected final boolean isFirstChildPtrDomUsable() 
    can one use the _firstChild pointer to retrieve the first DOM child
 final boolean isInSameTree(Xobj x) 
 final boolean isJustAfterEnd(Xobj x,
    int p) 
 protected final boolean isNextSiblingPtrDomUsable() 
    can one use the _nextSibling pointer to retrieve the next DOM sibling
 final boolean isNormal(int p) 
 final boolean isNormalAttr() 
 final boolean isOccupied() 
 final boolean isProcinst() 
 final boolean isRoot() 
 final boolean isStableUser() 
 final boolean isUserNode() 
 final boolean isVacant() 
 final boolean isValid() 
 final boolean isXmlns() 
 public boolean is_attribute() 
 final int kind() 
 final Xobj lastAttr() 
 public final Locale locale() 
 final String namespaceForPrefix(String prefix,
    boolean defaultAlwaysMapped) 
    Given a prefix, returns the namespace corresponding to the prefix at this location, or null if there is no mapping for this prefix.

    prefix="" indicates the absence of a prefix. A return value of "" indicates the no-namespace, and should not be confused with a return value of null, which indicates an illegal state, where there is no mapping for the given prefix.

    If the the default namespace is not explicitly mapped in the xml, the xml spec says that it should be mapped to the no-namespace. When the 'defaultAlwaysMapped' parameter is true, the default namepsace will return the no-namespace even if it is not explicity mapped, otherwise the default namespace will return null.

    This function intercepts the built-in prefixes "xml" and "xmlns" and returns their well-known namespace URIs.

 abstract Xobj newNode(Locale l)
 public XmlCursor new_cursor() 
 final Xobj nextAttr() 
 public final int nodeType() 
 final int posAfter() 
 final int posMax() 
 final int posTemp() 
 final String prefixForNamespace(String ns,
    String suggestion,
    boolean createIfMissing) 
 final boolean removeAttr(QName name) 
 final  void removeCharsHelper(int p,
    int cchRemove,
    Xobj xTo,
    int pTo,
    boolean moveCurs,
    boolean invalidate) 
 final Xobj removeXobj() 
 final  void removeXobjs(Xobj first,
    Xobj last) 
 public  void remove_attribute(QName name) 
 public  void remove_element(QName name,
    int i) 
 public  void remove_element(QNameSet names,
    int i) 
 final Xobj setAttr(QName name,
    String value) 
 final  void setBit(int mask) 
 final Bookmark setBookmark(int p,
    Object key,
    Object value) 
 final  void setName(QName newName) 
  void setStableType(SchemaType type) 
  void setStableUser(TypeStoreUser user) 
 public  void store_text(String text) 
 public TypeStoreUser substitute(QName name,
    SchemaType type) 
 public final Cur tempCur() 
 public  void validate(ValidatorListener eventSink) 
 public boolean validate_on_set() 
 public  void visit_elements(TypeStoreVisitor visitor) 
 final Xobj walk(Xobj root,
    boolean walkChildren)