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SchemaCompilerExtension   This interface is implemented by Schema Compiler Extensions.  code | html
SchemaImportResolver.SchemaResource   Used to supply a schema resource with an optional associated expected-namespace-URI and original-location-URL.  code | html
XSTCTester.Harness     code | html

Abstract Classes:

BaseSchemaResourceManager     code | html
SchemaImportResolver     code | html


BaseSchemaResourceManager.SchemaResource     code | html
CodeGenUtil     code | html
CodeGenUtil.ThreadedReader   Reads the given input stream into the given buffer until there is nothing left to read.  code | html
CommandLine     code | html
Diff     code | html
Diff.FileNameComparator     code | html
Diff.XsbFilenameFilter     code | html
Diff.ZipEntryNameComparator     code | html
Extension   An extension is a javabean that represents a SchemaCompilerExtension to be passed for callback into the XmlBeans Schema Compiler.  code | html
Extension.Param   A Param is just a name value pair applicable to the extension.  code | html
FactorImports   This program takes a collection of .xsd files as input, finds all duplicate name definitions, and factors out the first instance of each of those into a common.xsd file, adding an appropriate statement in the original xsd file.  code | html
InstanceValidator     code | html
PrettyPrinter     code | html
RunXQuery     code | html
SchemaCodeGenerator     code | html
SchemaCompiler     code | html
SchemaCompiler.Parameters     code | html
SchemaCopy     code | html
SchemaImportResolver.SchemaLocator     code | html
SchemaResourceManager     code | html
StreamInstanceValidator     code | html
TypeHierarchyPrinter     code | html
XMLBean   Modeled after Ant's javac and zip tasks.  code | html
XMLBean.ErrorLogger     code | html
XMLBeanXSTCHarness     code | html
XSTCTester     code | html
XSTCTester.TestCase     code | html
XSTCTester.TestCaseResult     code | html
XsbDumper     code | html
XsbDumper.StringPool     code | html