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Sub Packages:



Attribute   An interface that contains information about an attribute  code | html
AttributeIterator   This interface specifies methods for iterating over attributes.  code | html
BufferedXMLInputStream   Extends the XMLInputStream to allow marking and reseting of the stream.  code | html
ChangePrefixMapping   This event signals that a prefix mapping has changed from OldNamespaceName to the NewNamespaceName  code | html
CharacterData   A marker interface for character data  code | html
Comment   A marker interface for comment data  code | html
ElementFilter   This interface defines a filter on elements  code | html
EndDocument   A marker interface for the end of a document  code | html
EndElement   A marker interface for the end element event.  code | html
EndPrefixMapping   This event signals that a prefix mapping has gone out of scope  code | html
EntityReference   An interface for handling Entity Declarations  code | html
Location   Returns the document location of the event.  code | html
ProcessingInstruction   A marker interface for processing instructions  code | html
ReferenceResolver   This interface can be implemented to allow resolution of references on a stream.  code | html
Space   This element returns whitespace characters to allow separate handling by the application  code | html
StartDocument   An interface for the start document event  code | html
StartElement   The StartElement interface provides access to information about start elements  code | html
StartPrefixMapping   This event signals that a prefix mapping has begun scope  code | html
XMLEvent   This is the base element interface for handling markup events.  code | html
XMLInputStream   This is the top level interface for iterating over XML Events in an XML document.  code | html
XMLName   Encapsulates information about the Qualified Name of an XML event.  code | html


XMLStreamException   The base exception for unexpected input during XML handling  code | html