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Package org.biomage.Array

Class Summary
Array The physical substrate along with its features and their annotation
Array_package Describes the process of creating arrays from array designs.
ArrayGroup An array package is a physical platform that contains one or more arrays that are separately addressable (e.g.
ArrayManufacture Describes the process by which arrays are produced.
ArrayManufactureDeviation Stores information of the potential difference between an array design and arrays that have been manufactured using that design (e.g.
FeatureDefect Stores the defect information for a feature.
Fiducial A marking on the surface of the array that can be used to identify the array's origin, the coordinates of which are the fiducial's centroid.
ManufactureLIMS Information on the physical production of arrays within the laboratory.
ManufactureLIMSBiomaterial Stores the location from which a biomaterial was obtained.
PositionDelta The delta the feature was actually printed on the array from the position specified for the feature in the array design.
ZoneDefect Stores the defect information for a zone.