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org.biomage.ArrayDesign: Javadoc index of package org.biomage.ArrayDesign.

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ArrayDesign_package: Describes a microarray design that can be printed and then, in the case of gene expression, hybridized. An array design consists of several features (also called spots) in which reporter sequences are placed. Many features may have the same reporter replicated and a reporter may be specified in one or more array designs. The nature of the reporter's biosequence placed on a spot will depend on the technology. Two well-known technologies differ significantly-spotter arrays draw material from a well and place a spot on the array whereas in situ oligo arrays are created through the synthesis of many, ...
ArrayDesign: Describes the design of an gene expression layout. In some cases this might be virtual and, for instance, represent the output from analysis software at the composite level without reporters or features.
DesignElementGroup: The DesignElementGroup holds information on either features, reporters, or compositeSequences, particularly that information that is common between all of the DesignElements contained.
ZoneGroup: Specifies a repeating area on an array. This is useful for printing when the same pattern is repeated in a regular fashion.
PhysicalArrayDesign: A design that is expected to be used to manufacture physical arrays.
CompositeGroup: Allows specification of the type of Composite Design Element.
ReporterGroup: Allows specification of the type of Reporter Design Element.
ZoneLayout: Specifies the layout of features in a rectangular grid.
Zone: Specifies the location of a zone on an array.
FeatureGroup: A collection of like features.

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