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Package org.biomage.BioAssay

Class Summary
BioAssay An abstract class which represents both physical and computational groupings of arrays and biomaterials.
BioAssay_package Provides classes that contain information and annotation on the event of joining an Array with a BioMaterial preparation, the acquisition of images and the extraction of data on a per feature basis from those images.
BioAssayCreation The process by which an array and one or more biomaterials are combined to create a bioAssayCreation.
BioAssayTreatment The event which records the process by which PhysicalBioAssays are processed (typically washing, blocking, etc...).
Channel A channel represents an independent acquisition scheme for the ImageAcquisition event, typically a wavelength.
DerivedBioAssay A BioAssay that is created by the Transformation BioEvent from one or more MeasuredBioAssays or DerivedBioAssays.
FeatureExtraction The process by which data is extracted from an image producing a measuredBioAssayData and a measuredBioAssay.
Hybridization The archetypal bioAssayCreation event, whereby biomaterials are hybridized to an array.
Image An image is created by an imageAcquisition event, typically by scanning the hybridized array (the PhysicalBioAssay).
ImageAcquisition The process by which an image is generated (typically scanning).
MeasuredBioAssay A measured bioAssay is the direct processing of information in a physical bioAssay by the featureExtraction event.
PhysicalBioAssay A bioAssay created by the bioAssayCreation event (e.g.