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Package org.biomage.BioAssayData

Class Summary
BioAssayData Represents the dataset created when the BioAssays are created.
BioAssayData_package The classes defined here provide data and the information and annotation on the derivation of that data.
BioAssayDatum A single cell of the quantitation, bioAssay, designElement matrix.
BioAssayDimension An ordered list of bioAssays.
BioAssayMap The BioAssayMap is the description of how source MeasuredBioAssays and/or DerivedBioAssays are manipulated (mathematically) to produce DerivedBioAssays.
BioAssayMapping Container of the mappings of the input BioAssay dimensions to the output BioAssay dimension.
BioDataCube A three-dimensional cube representation of the data.
BioDataTuples A relational, tuple representation of the data.
BioDataValues The actual values for the BioAssayCube.
CompositeSequenceDimension Specialized DesignElementDimension to hold CompositeSequences.
DerivedBioAssayData The output of a transformation event.
DesignElementDimension An ordered list of designElements.
DesignElementMap A DesignElementMap is the description of how source DesignElements are transformed into a target DesignElement.
DesignElementMapping Container of the mappings of the input DesignElement dimensions to the output DesignElement dimension.
FeatureDimension Specialized DesignElementDimension to hold Features.
MeasuredBioAssayData The data associated with the MeasuredBioAssay produced by FeatureExtraction.
QuantitationTypeDimension An ordered list of quantitationTypes.
QuantitationTypeMap A QuantitationTypeMap is the description of how source QuantitationTypes are mathematically transformed into a target QuantitationType.
QuantitationTypeMapping Container of the mappings of the input QuantitationType dimensions to the output QuantitationType dimension.
ReporterDimension Specialized DesignElementDimension to hold Reporters.
Transformation The process by which derivedBioAssays are created from measuredBioAssays and/or derivedBioAssays.