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Package org.biomage.BioMaterial

Class Summary
BioMaterial BioMaterial is an abstract class that represents the important substances such as cells, tissues, DNA, proteins, etc...
BioMaterial_package The classes in this package describe how a BioSource is treated to obtain the BioMaterial (typically a LabeledExtract) that is used by a BioAssayCreation in combination with an Array to produce a PhysicalBioAssay.
BioMaterialMeasurement A BioMaterialMeasurement is a pairing of a source BioMaterial and an amount (Measurement) of that BioMaterial.
BioSample BioSamples are products of treatments that are of interest.
BioSource The BioSource is the original source material before any treatment events.
Compound A Compound can be a simple compound such as SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate).
CompoundMeasurement A CompoundMeasurement is a pairing of a source Compound and an amount (Measurement) of that Compound.
LabeledExtract LabeledExtracts are special BioSamples that have Compounds which are detectable (these are often fluorescent or reactive moieties).
Treatment The process by which a biomaterial is created (from source biomaterials).