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org.biomage.BioSequence: Javadoc index of package org.biomage.BioSequence.

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BioSequence_package: Describes a known gene or sequence. BioAssays typically seek to identify what BioSequences are expressed in a BioMaterial after treatments, the expression level measured from the association between the BioMaterial and the Array. The Array's Features typically provide known locations for this association to occur. Most often, the Reporter and CompositeSequence are known and the presence or absence of a particular BioSequence in the BioMaterial is based on whether there as been an association to the DesignElement targeted for it. Some other experiments may not know the DesignElement's target but ...
BioSequence: A BioSequence is a representation of a DNA, RNA, or protein sequence. It can be represented by a Clone, Gene, or the sequence.
SeqFeature: Represents, in general, what would be a GenBank Feature Table annotation for a sequence.
SequencePosition: Designates the position of the Feature in its BioSequence.
SeqFeatureLocation: The location of the SeqFeature annotation.

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