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Package org.biomage.DesignElement

Class Summary
CompositeCompositeMap A CompositeCompositeMap is the description of how source CompositeSequences are transformed into a target CompositeSequence.
CompositePosition The location in the compositeSequence target's sequence to which a source compositeSequence maps.
CompositeSequence A collection of Reporter or CompositeSequence Design Elements, annotated through the association to BioSequence.
DesignElement An element of an array.
DesignElement_package The classes of this package are the contained classes of the ArrayDesign and describe through the DesignElements what is intended to be at each location of the Array.
Feature An intended position on an array.
FeatureInformation As part of the map information, allows the association of one or more differences in the BioMaterial on a feature from the BioMaterial of the Reporter.
FeatureLocation Specifies where a feature is located relative to a grid.
FeatureReporterMap A FeatureReporterMap is the description of how source features are transformed into a target reporter.
MismatchInformation Describes how a reporter varies from its ReporterCharacteristics sequence(s) or how a Feature varies from its Reporter sequence.
Position Specifies a position on an array.
Reporter A Design Element that represents some biological material (clone, oligo, etc.) on an array which will report on some biosequence or biosequences.
ReporterCompositeMap A ReporterCompositeMap is the description of how source Reporters are transformed into a target CompositeSequences.
ReporterPosition The location in the composite target's sequence to which a source reporter maps.