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org.biomage.Experiment: Javadoc index of package org.biomage.Experiment.

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Experiment_package: Represents the container for a hierarchical grouping of BioAssays. Can have the end results of Clustering Analysis specified and, through the ExperimentDesign, a description and annotation of the overall design of the experiment and what it was to show.
ExperimentDesign: The ExperimentDesign is the description and collection of ExperimentalFactors and the hierarchy of BioAssays to which they pertain.
ExperimentalFactor: ExperimentFactors are the dependent variables of an experiment (e.g. time, glucose concentration, ...).
Experiment: The Experiment is the collection of all the BioAssays that are related by the ExperimentDesign.
FactorValue: The value for a ExperimentalFactor

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