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org.biomage.QuantitationType: Javadoc index of package org.biomage.QuantitationType.

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QuantitationType_package: This Package defines the classes for quantitations, such as measured and derived signal, error, and pvalue. The subclasses of StandardQuantitationType will be the best fit from FeatureExtraction or Transformation Protocol for the values obtained. Other values can be specified using SpecializedQuantitationType.
PresentAbsent: Indicates relative presence or absence. From the enumeration AbsoluteCallTypeEnum {Present | Absent | Marginal | No call} or ComparisonCallTypeEnum {Increase I Marginal Increase | Decrease | Marginal Decrease | No change | No Call | Unknown }, as specified by the dataType.
DerivedSignal: A calculated measurement of the intensity of a signal, for example, after a transformation involving normalization and/or replicate DesignElements. Of type float.
StandardQuantitationType: Superclass for the named quantitation type. Useful for mapping to those languages that can use a fly-weight for processing the subclasses.
MeasuredSignal: Best measure from feature extraction as to the presence and intensity of the signal. Of type float.
QuantitationType: A method for calculating a single datum of the matrix (e.g. raw intensity, background, error).
ExpectedValue: Indication of what value is expected of the associated standard quantitation type.
Ratio: The ratio of two or more signals, typically between two channels. Of type float.
ConfidenceIndicator: Indication of some measure of confidence for a standard quantitation type.
PValue: Measurement of the accuracy of a quantitation. Of type float.
Error: Error measurement of a quantitation. Of type float.
SpecializedQuantitationType: User defined quantitation type.

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