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Package org.cantaloop.cgimlet

Interface Summary
ComponentHandler Every class that wants the acts as a handler defined in the <handlerdef/> element of the project file must implement this interface.
Constants Useful constants.
OptionSetter A OptionSetter instance can be attached to a OptionReader to control to way how options are processed.

Class Summary
Assertions This class defines some useful methods to ensure that a certain conditions holds true.
IDManager The IDManager helps you to avaid naming-conflicts in your generated code.
Main Entry point of the code generation when starting it from the command line.
OptionReader Handlers can use a OptionReader to read configuration options.
OptionReaderConfigurator You can use this class to adapt a OptionReader to your needs.
Options Allows a handler the store options.
ProjectGenerator A ProjectGenerator is attached to every projectfile.
ProjectGeneratorTask Ant task for cgimlet.
ProjectGeneratorUTest This class is for testing purpose only.
ProjectRunner This class should be used to run a codegeneration process.
PropertyParser A PropertyParser reads property-definitions and replaces their occurences in a XML file.
XMLUtils This class provides some useful methods that helps you with common XML tasks.

Exception Summary
CodeGenerationException This exception is thrown when an unrecoverable exception occurs during the codegeneration.
InternalCodeGenerationException This exception is thrown when a bug is detected at runtime.