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Package org.cantaloop.cgimlet.lang

Interface Summary
CGUtils Interface that defines helper methods for generating common expression and statements in a programming language independent way.
ClassTemplate This interface defines the requirements from which a class (or a similar top-level construct) can be generated.
CodeCompiler Defines the interface of a compiler or interpreter.
CodeWriter Classes that want to print or write the generated code must implement this interface.
ConstructorTemplate Template for a constructor of a class.
FieldTemplate A template for a field of a class.
LanguageFactory Factory class that creates the implementations of the interfaces in this package for a concrete programming language.
MethodTemplate A template for a method.
Modifier Abstract representation of a modifier of a class, a field or a method.
Template Basic requirements for a template.

Class Summary
AbstractCodeWriter Abstract class that contains useful method for code writers.
AbstractModifier Skeleton implementation of Modifier.
Modifier.Access This inner class is used to define constants for the access level of the modifier (a so-called typesafe enumeration).
Type This class represents the type of a certain variable.

Exception Summary
CompileException This exception is thrown if a CodeCompiler aborts the compilation due to an error or exits with an error code.