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Interface Summary
Converter Classes implementing this interface convert certain input objects to objects representing the same value (regarding certain aspects) but are instances of a different class.
Converters that can or have to be configured may provide set methods for these configuration parameters.

Class Summary
CollectionConverter This converter converts between different collection implementations and arrays.
ConversionHelper Defines some useful methods dealing with converters.
IdenticalConverter This converter is a dummy converter that returns every object to convert unmodified.
IntegerConverter Converts a object of type java.lang.String into a object of type java.lang.Integer.
IntegerLiteralConverter Converts a Integer to its literal representation.
Let i be an java.lang.Integer with value 5.
IntLiteralConverter Converts a Integer to its literal representation as an int
Let i be an int with value 5.
LinkedConverter Chains two converters.
SetConverter Converts the elements of a java.util.Set using the given converter and type for the elements.
SetLiteralConverter Converts a java.util.Set into its literal representation (this is a expression that creates a set containing the same element as the given set).
SetOfIntegerConverter Converts a set of objects into a set of integers.
SetOfIntegerLiteralConverter Converts a set into its literal representation.
SetOfStringLiteralConverter Converts a set into its literal representation.
StringConverter Converts a object into a string by calling the toString() method.
StringLiteralConverter Converts a string into its literal representation.
TypedConverter A TypedConverter wraps a Converter.
UnmodifiableConverter Wraps a Converter so that is not possible to configure the wrapped converter.

Exception Summary