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org.chordcast: Javadoc index of package org.chordcast.

Package Samples:


ChordSheet: The ChordSheet contain information about a "chord sheet": it's attributes and it's graphical representation including all the chords that it contains.
LoadingFrame: A window to indicate that ChordCast is loading and show the progress of loading components.
PrinterController: This class permit to print a chord sheet and manage the printer properties.
ChordCast: Java Application for creating, and manipulating guitar chords in sheets.
FileFormatException: An Exception file what represent an attempt to load a corrupt XCS file.
ChordSheetFileChooser: Permit the to the User to select the files to load and save.
ChordSheetIO: Parser of xcs files (XML format), saver of xcs and html.
OptionsDialog: Dialog which Allow to modify the ChordCast Options·
ChordUIEditable: The representation of a Chord that is editable.
PropertiesDialog: Shows a dialog to set the options of a sheet.
ChordFrame: Main frame of the Application "ChordCast".
ChordUI: The graphical representation of a Chord.
ChordSheetFileFilter: A filter for retain only the xcs Files.
ChordSheetPrintable: This class permit to print a ChordSheet
AboutDialog: Shows an "About ChordCast..." dialog.
ChordEditor: The dialog for Chord edition mode.
Chord: Represent a Chord in the memory.
Neck: The gui of a guitar neck.
HelpFrame: Show an help dialog.

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