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org.dinopolis.gpstool.projection: Javadoc index of package org.dinopolis.gpstool.projection.

Package Samples:

org.dinopolis.gpstool.projection: Holds classes for handling data from a gps device (serial, network, file, etc.) and provides some applications to work with this data.  


FlatProjection: Implements the Flat projection for use of mapblast and expedia maps. The algorithms are mostly copied from Fritz Ganter's gpsdrive application. ( As this class extends an openmap base projection, the usage might not be clear. The main methods are forward and inverse . The forward method forwards latitude/longitude to screen coordinates, the inverse method the other way round. Usage: java.awt.Point forward(float latitude, float longitude) java.awt.Point forward(float latitude, float longitude, java.awt.point reuse) java.awt.Point forward(com.bbn.openmap.LatLonPoint ...

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