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Package Samples:


StdLeague: StdLeague Implementation of a standard League after the model of the lovely country called Switzerland ;-) - Stdleague may have n teams. - The teams will play n1 times against each other (once at home, once away) called regular season. - After the regular season the top teams play Playoffs, the bottom teams Playouts. - The playoff/outs work with n2 "levels" (quarter, semi- and final or more) - If 0 is passed by the constructor as starting level of playoffs/outs none are played.
GameCalendarEvent: GameCalendarEvent Baseclass of all GameCalendar events. Contains: - Play method called by game thread - Flag if event has already been "played" - Date of event - Implements comparable interface for sorting events in the GameCalendar - NeedsOnline() function that returns boolean if event needs a "gui break" - getDescription() returns description of event
StdLeagueOwner: StdLeagueOwner Implementation of a standard LeagueOwner working with StdLeagues. - After the needed leagues are finished, the loser of an upper, the winner of a bottom league will play "League playoffs" against each other (and switch places if needed) - If 0 is passed by the constructor as starting level of leaguePlayoffs none are played.
League: League Is owner of a list of teams within this league. - Gets the teams trough constructor params. - Provides some help functions that are needed in every league. (i.e to replace a team with another, or lookup functions for teams) - Implements the Comparable interface for sorting leagues in an owner.
JIhmInternalFrame: The JIhmInternalFrame contains: - An owner of this screen - An update function that cylcles trough every JIhmComponent component on this frame (recursive) and calls the update routine of them.
GameCalendar: GameCalendar Provides an event calendar. - Returns a Subset of a Calendar (GameCalendarHelper) for creating new events - Returns the next "unplayed" event - Uses singelton pattern
StdRegularSeason: StdRegularSeason Implementation of a regular season schedule like used in Switzerland. - Creates schedule for home and away games in a season and places them into the game calendar.
GameCalendarYearEndEvent: GameCalendarYearEndEvent Special event that "marks" the end of a year and calls controller functions for a calendar "endSeason", and so should be really the last event of a season !
Match: Match class that plays a good game of ice hockey. Contains: - Results - Play method called by event or controller -- UNDER CONSTRUCTION --
FrameControl: The FrameControl contains: - A "MoveOn" Button that fires an actionEvent to all listeners ;-) - A label to show some extra text information.
LeagueOwner: LeagueOwner Is owner of a list of leagues within this (i.e.) country. Doesn't create the leagues himself. Gets them by constructor params.
StdGameCalendarLeaguePlayoffFinishedEvent: StdGameCalendarLeaguePlayoffFinishedEvent When play() is started it calls the leaguePlayoffsFinished() function in the StdLeagueOwner.
FrameMessage: The FrameMessage contains: A frame that just shows a message, and and fires an action event to all listeners when button is pressed.
GameCalendarStopBeforeGamedayEvent: GameCalendarStopBeforeGamedayEvent Special class that contains all gameDays of a specific date, and stops for a "gui break"
StdGameCalendarPlayoutFinishedEvent: StdGameCalendarPlayoutFinishedEvent When play() is started it calls the leaguePlayoutsFinished() function in the StdLeague.
StdGameCalendarPlayoffFinishedEvent: StdGameCalendarPlayoffFinishedEvent When play() is started it calls the leaguePlayoffsFinished() function in the StdLeague.
StdGameCalendarNewPlayoffLevelEvent: StdGameCalendarNewPlayoffLevelEvent When play() is started it calls the generatePlayoffsLevel() function in the StdLeague.
StdGameCalendarNewPlayoutLevelEvent: StdGameCalendarNewPlayoutLevelEvent When play() is started it calls the generatePlayoutsLevel() function in the StdLeague.
StdGameCalendarPlayoffRoundFinishedEvent: StdGameCalendarPlayoffRoundFinishedEvent When play() is started it calls the roundPlayed() function in the StdPlayoffs.
Desktop: Main frame for the game Contains: - Functions to provide a gui to users - Functions called by the controller - Menu
Controller: The Controller class is the "main class" of the game. It is also the interface between the game and the gui part.
GameCalendarYearStartEvent: GameCalendarYearEndEvent Special event that resets the game and places already a endYear event in the calendar.
StdPlayoffs: StdPlayoffs Implementation of playoffs. - Creates matches & GameDayEvents and post them in the calendar.
Game: The Game class extends Threads, and is responsible for the loop of events provided by the GameCalendar.
GameCalendarHelper: GameCalendar Provides a "subCalendar", used to get empty dates for placing events in the GameCalendar.

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