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org.embl.ebi.escience.scufl.talisman: Javadoc index of package org.embl.ebi.escience.scufl.talisman.

Package Samples:

org.embl.ebi.escience.scufl.talisman: Provides the object model for the Simple Conceptual Unified Flow Language (Scufl).  


AbstractScuflAction: The superclass of all actions that operate on ScuflModel instances contained within ScuflModelBean objects in Talisman fields. The process method sets up a member variable 'model' which points to the actual ScuflModel without having to go through all the layers of indirection every time. It throws appropriate exceptions if the model can't be found. All actions that subclass this expect to find a parameter 'model' in their input that points to the beanfield containing the ScuflModelBean
PopulateServiceList: Talisman action to populate a SelectionList with the service list returned by the Soaplab analysis factory. This will create a selection list where the values are the full endpoint URLs and the display names are the application names with categories. The name of the list to populate is given in the 'list' parameter and the root URL for the Soaplab service (not including the AnalysisFactory bit) in the 'soaplab' parameter.
PopulatePortList: Populates a named SelectionList with names of ports within a given processor in the model. The 'model' parameter specified the ScuflModel to use, the 'processor' parameter the name of a processor within that model, the 'type' parameter should be either 'source', 'sink' or 'all' depending on the type of ports you want included in the list, and the 'list' parameter must be the name of a selection list in the Talisman page.
ScuflModelBean: This bean allows you to load a ScuflModel with attached XScuflView and DotView representations into a Talisman bean field. It exposes the XML and Dot representations by the getXScufl and getDot methods, which can therefore be accessed by Talisman's bean accessor proxy fields, see the documentation for the Talisman resolver for more details of how to do this.
AddProcessor: Adds a new Processor to a ScuflModel within a Talisman BeanField. Requires 'model' to point to the ScuflModel, 'type' to be the category of processor to create (only soaplabwsdl is supported at the moment), 'spec' to be the category specific extra information such as a SOAP endpoint, and 'name' is the name of the new processor within the ScuflModel.
XScufl2Dot: Provides a Talisman action plugin that parses an XScufl definition found in a named 'input' field and writes the dot format representation of it into the 'output' field. The 'ports' field must contain one of 'all','bound' or 'none', and sets the policy for displaying the ports within processors in the graph.
AddDataConstraint: Adds a new data constraint to the ScuflModel contained within the field named by 'model' in the Talisman page. The required parameters are 'sourceprocessor', 'sourceport', 'sinkprocessor' and 'sinkport', all of which must contain names of the appropriate entities within the ScuflModel.
PopulateProcessorList: Populates a named SelectionList with names of processors in the ScuflModel contained by the named bean field. The selectionlist must be specified in the 'list' parameter, the beanfield containing the ScuflModelBean in the 'model' parameter.
DestroyProcessor: Remove a named processor from the ScuflModel held in a Talisman bean. The 'model' parameter specifies the ScuflModel, the 'name' the name of the processor to remove.
Scufl2XScufl: Provides a Talisman action plugin that parses a Scufl definition found in a named 'input' field and writes the XScufl version of it out to a second 'output' field.

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