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Package Samples: Provides the processor and helper implementations, allowing Scufl to be extended via a plugin mechanism.  


StringSetUnion: Provide the union of two lists of strings, the result being a string list containing all strings that occur in either of the input lists.
StringSetIntersection: Returns the intersection of two sets or lists of string types where elements only exist in the output if they occur in both inputs.
LocalWorker: Implemented by classes acting as local services and which don't require the full invocation infrastructure.
LocalServiceProcessor: A processor that runs the quick Java plugins defined by the LocalService interface in this package.
FilterStringList: Filter a list of Strings, only passing through those that match the supplied regular expression.
LocalServiceProcessorFactory: Implementation of ProcessorFactory that can create LocalServiceProcessor instances
ExtractImageLinks: Extract a list of all image links in the supplied html document
LocalServiceScavenger: A scavenger that can create new LocalServiceProcessor nodes
LocalServiceXMLHandler: Handles XML store and load for the local process processor
LocalServiceTask: A task to invoke a LocalServiceProcessor
WebPageFetcher: Fetch a single web page from URL
WebImageFetcher: Fetch a single image from URL

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