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org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflworkers.rdfgenerator: Javadoc index of package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflworkers.rdfgenerator.

Package Samples:

org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflworkers.rdfgenerator: Provides the processor and helper implementations, allowing Scufl to be extended via a plugin mechanism.  


RDFGeneratorProcessorFactory: Implementation of ProcessorFactory that creates RDFGeneratingProcessor nodes
RDFGeneratorXMLHandler: Handles XML store and load for the rdf generating processor
RDFGeneratorScavenger: A Scavenger that knows how to create rdf generator nodes
RDFGeneratorScavengerHelper: Helper for handling RDFGenerator scavengers.
RDFGeneratorTask: A task to invoke an RDFGeneratorProcessor
RDFGeneratorProcessor: A processor to generate rdf statements

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