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Package org.enableit.db

Interface Summary
DuplicateResolver Determines whether a given record is deemed to exist in a datastore already according to rules defined by the implementation.
SchemaConstants Deprecated. Moved to darrt subpackage.

Class Summary
AbstractDBUtility Base class for utilities that need to connect to database.
Column Represent a database column.
ConnectionFactory General class intended to hide the process of obtaining database connections to any database
ConnectionFactoryTest Tests ConnectionFactory
ConvertUtils General container for all type conversions.
DatabaseProxy Proxy class to wrap database access in a simple form.
DataLoader A class to read CSV files and load data into a database.
DataSourceProxy Proxy class to wrap database access in a simple form.
DBFilter Provides an encapsulated means to extend a SQL statement's WHERE clause
DBPersistenceManager Implements a PersistenceManager whose persistent store is the Database managed by this library
DBUtils Provides utilities to be used in conjunction with the database proxies.
GenericDBProxy Proxy class to wrap any java application database access in a simple form
GenericDBProxyTester A minimal test class for the GenericDBProxy
SchemaExporter Deprecated. Moved to darrt subpackage
SqlEncoder Ensure special characters are escaped before issuing SQL statements.
SqlType This class has a primary purpose of representing a null value to be inserted into some SQL call handled by the proxy objects

Exception Summary
DBException General exception for use by this library's classes when communicating exceptions.