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org.enableit.db.daf: Javadoc index of package org.enableit.db.daf.

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DataAbstractionFacade: Abstraction interface for various data persistence technologies. As such this interface and its implementations are supposed to be thin wrappers over one of the various data persistence options (e.g. JDBC, Entity EJB, JDO etc...), not an alternative in their own right or an implementation of one of these technologes. This allows UI applications to be written in a persistence impartial manner. That may sound similar to the purpose of the Sun JDO spec, but it is different because this toolkit is intended to be part of an application architecture, not part of the infrastructure. In this way it is ...
JdbcDaf: Implementation of DataAbstractionFacade backed by JDBC calls. Since this class requires no additional metadata file to map Bean properties to database columns, it must rely on a naming convention in order to construct the correct SQL. It is expected that this restriction will be acceptable for applications where UI and function is more important than database design, and where there is no existing database. The convention is as follows: Bean name must be Bean e.g. for a table named Task, bean name must be TaskBean. The database key column must be named Id, except that the initial will be lower ...
DataAbstractionFacadeFactory: Factory for DataAbstrationFacades . This class relies on an XML resource file named data-abstraction.xml to map registered Object types to data persistence capabilities of classes implementing the DataAbstractionFacade interface.
JdoFactory: Factory pattern for creating connections to a JDO managed datasource. This class is final to prevent a breach of security by subclassing. The JDO implementation is Castor from .
CastorJdoDaf: Implementation of DataAbstractionFacade backed by Castor's JDO implementation. Castor appears to handle encoding of Strings without any further work here.
UnconfiguredException: Indicates no registry of configurations can be found by the DataAbstractionFacadeFactory.
NotPersistedException: Indicates a Bean type has not been registered with the DataAbstractionFacadeFactory.
QueryException: Indicates a Bean type has not been registered with the DataAbstractionFacadeFactory.
TypeUnconfiguredException: Indicates a Bean type has not been registered with the DataAbstractionFacadeFactory.
JdbcDafTest: Tests ...
DAFFactoryTest: Tests ...
CastorJdoDafTest: Tests ...

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