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org.esau.ptarmigan.util: Javadoc index of package org.esau.ptarmigan.util.

Package Samples:

org.esau.ptarmigan.util: Ptarmigan's factory and interface.  


CountingInputStream: Counts the number of bytes that pass through it. Note that the counter in this filter is independent of the mark/reset logic. If you wish to reset the counter when you reset the mark, you'll have to do so manually with a call to resetCount(). Note that this class has its own renamed read() methods. This is to insulate a buffered parent class that will read-ahead as necessary.
MultiMap: A map where more than one value can be associated with a key. Typically used for assembling values for output in a sequence.
Range: Range A simple holder for a numeric range. Uses long to hold values.
HelperDigest: Compute checksum/digest for the range of a file
HelperURL: Some static methods for manipulation of URLs
HelperDate: Some static methods related to use of Dates
HelperID3: Common routines for ID3v1 and v2 parsing
HelperIO: Some static methods of general use
HelperMisc: Some static methods of general use

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