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Package org.finj.test

Core classes for finj project.


Class Summary
AllTest Top class that launches all tests.
BrowsingTest Tests functionalities related to browsing in FTP commands.
ConnectionTest Tests functionalities related to connections in FTP commands.
DataTest Tests functionalities related to data handling in FTP commands.
FinjTestCase Mother of all other test classes, that offers the basic launcheable functionalities.
FTPClientTest The configuration used by the FTPClientTest is embodied in a .properties file.
InformationTest Tests functionalities related to server information in FTP commands.
MiscellaneousTest Tests miscellaneous FTP commands functionalities that don't enter in the other categories.
ObserverTest Tests the features of the org.finj.FTPClientObserver.

Package org.finj.test Description

Core classes for finj project.