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Log: Methods logging output from the application. Planned use is as follows: use severe() as appropriate (report unhandled exceptions, etc.) use info() for messages to be displayed in progress bars, status bars, etc. use config(), fine(), finer() and finest() for debug level output. Example: Log.fine( this, "debug me"); The default config file will set the level at INFO, and the user will only see warn() and severe() messages on the console unless the file in our lib directory is modified to set the level lower. The Status class registers as a handler of INFO level messages, and this ...
Status: Manger of status messages displayed in progress bars, and the status panel. The only instance of this class listens to INFO level log messages from Log , formats these messages, broadcasts the formatted messages via property change events, and maintains a record of the last message sent (see getStatus() 55 ). Status messages can be generated by any object in the system using 55 .
ConfigManager: Class to manage config files. Config files contain the aggragate details of user modified settings, loaded sound font, channel assignments, etc. The in-memory, run-time representation of a config file is a Configuration object. The Configuration object is serialized to XML for storage on disk and deserialized when loaded into memory. Serialization to/from XML is performed with the Castor XML Framework .
SwitchSetting: Differs from boolean only in how the command line argument is produced. The command line arg produced is simply --option and not --option=value or -o name=value like the other settings.
RawStringSetting: Specialized subclass of string setting that returns the raw value as the command line argument. This is handy for treating the synth pathname and any extra args as settings.
ExecutiveListenerAdapter: No-op implementation of the ExecutiveListener interface.
SettingsTable: A javax.swing.JTable subclass that supports display and modification of fluidsynth settings.
ConfigurationEvent: Base class of all ConfigManager generated events.
ExecutiveListener: Interface to be implemented by classes that want to receive notification that the synth has started or stopped.
SettingFactory: Class for creating Setting objects from the values retrieved from a fluidsynth "info " command.
SoundFontEventListener: Interface implemented by classes for notification of sound fonts added and/or removed.
Executive: This class provides an API for starting, stopping and interacting with fluidsynth.
AbstractNumberSetting: Parent of numeric settings, this class provides properties to handle min/max values.
TerminationStatus: Constants used to indicate the termination status of the synth.
CustomLogFormatter: Log formatter that produces simple, single line, log entries.
Setting: Base class for objects which represent a fluidsynth setting.
Configuration: An object representing a user configuration of the synth.
ConfigChooserUtil: Utility class for creating configuration file choosers.
FluidGuiPrefs: A class which provides access to the user preferences.

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