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AutoScroll: Scroll down a panel when new lines are added. This helper class require only the reference to the underlying javax.swing.BoundedRangeModel . If the model's value is equals to its maximal value and this maximal value increase, then this class increase the model's value as well. Example of use: DefaultTableModel table = new DefaultTableModel(); JScrollPane pane = new JScrollPane(new JTable(table)); AutoScroll autos = new AutoScrool(pane.getVerticalScrollBar().getModel()); // etc... // Now, add the new item to the table. The table // will be scrolled down automatically if needed. table.addRow(... ...
ResourceBundle: {link java.util.ResourceBundle} implementation using integers instead of strings for resource keys. Because it doesn't use strings, this implementation avoids adding all those string constants to .class files and runtime images. Developers still have meaningful labels in their code (e.g. DIMENSION_MISMATCH ) through a set of constants defined in interfaces. This approach furthermore gives the benefit of compile-time safety. Because integer constants are inlined right into class files at compile time, the declarative interface is never loaded at run time. This class also provides facilities for ...
SwingUtilities: A collection of utility methods for Swing. All show* methods delegate their work to the corresponding method in javax.swing.JOptionPane , with two differences: SwingUtilities 's method may be invoked from any thread. If they are invoked from a non-Swing thread, execution will be delegate to the Swing thread and the calling thread will block until completion. If a parent component is a javax.swing.JDesktopPane , dialogs will be rendered as internal frames instead of frames.
LoggingPanel: A panel displaying logging messages. The windows displaying Geotools's logging messages can be constructed with the following code: new LoggingPanel("org.geotools"). show 55 (null); This panel is initially set to listen to messages of level Level.CONFIG > Level.CONFIG 55 or higher. This level can be changed with getHandler() 55 .setLevel(aLevel) .
InternalWindowListener: Wrap a java.awt.event.WindowListener into an javax.swing.event.InternalFrameListener . This is used by SwingUtilities in order to have the same methods working seemless on both Frame and JInternalFrame .
LoggingTableModel: A logging java.util.logging.Handler storing LogRecords as a javax.swing.table.TableModel . This model is used by LoggingPanel for displaying logging messages in a javax.swing.JTable .
ResourceKeys: Resource keys. This interface is used when compiling sources, but no dependencies to ResourceKeys should appear in any resulting class files. Since Java compiler inlines final integer values, using long identifiers will not bloat constant pools of classes compiled against the interface, provided that no class implements this interface.
Resources: Base class for local-dependent resources. Instances of this class should never been created directly. Use the factory method getResources(java.util.Locale) 55 or use static methods instead.
XArray: Simple operations on arrays. This class provides a central place for inserting and deleting elements in an array, as well as resizing the array. This class may be removed if JavaSoft provide some language construct functionally equivalent to C/C++'s realloc .
Utilities: A set of miscellaneous methods.
Resources_en: English language resource.
Resources_sp: Spanich language resource.
Resources_fr: French language resource.
Resources_el: Greek language resource.

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