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org.gnu.readline.* (4)

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Readline: This class implements basic functionality of the GNU-readline interface. It uses native method calls if available, otherwise it defaults to normal I/O using a BufferedReader. A typical implementation could look like: try { Readline.load(ReadlineLibrary.GnuReadline); } catch (UnsatisfiedLinkError ignore_me) { System.err.println("couldn't load readline lib. Using simple stdin."); } Readline.initReadline("myapp"); Runtime.getRuntime() // if your version supports .addShutdownHook(new Thread() { // addShutdownHook (since 1.3) public void run() { Readline.cleanup(); } }); while (true) { try { line = ...
ReadlineReader: A Reader wrapper for the Readline classes. This seems to work fine in conjunction with such classes as BufferedReader, but it hasn't been tested well enough to see if this will work well in all cases. This was implemented to make it easier to supplant Readline's functionality [shrug] anywhere and everywhere, but specifically in BeanShell .
ReadlineCompleter: Callback interface that implements completion. You've to implement this interface in order to provide completion in your application. The default completion mode of the Readline library would otherwise be simple filename completion.
ReadlineLibrary: This class implements a typesafe enumeration of the backing libraries.

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