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Package org.hsqldb

Interface Summary
DatabaseRowInputInterface Public interface for reading the data for a database row.
DatabaseRowOutputInterface Public interface for writing the data for a database row.
HsqlSocketRequestHandler Interface HsqlSocketRequestHandler
Trigger Interface declaration

Class Summary
BinaryDatabaseRowInput Provides methods for reading the data for a row from a byte array.
BinaryDatabaseRowOutput Provides methods for writing the data for a row to a byte array.
BinaryServerRowInput Provides methods for reading the data for a row from a byte array.
BinaryServerRowOutput Provides methods for writing the data for a row to a byte array.
ByteArray This class allows HSQLDB to store binary data as an array of bytes.
Cache Handles cached tables through a .data file and memory cache.
CachedRow Disk and In-memory representation of a database row object with storage independent methods for serialization and de-serialization.
CacheFree This class is essetially an object used to create a singly linked list of the free space available in a HSQL database file.
Column Implementation of SQL table columns as defined in DDL statements with static methods to process their values.
Constraint Implementation of a table constraint with references to the indexes used by the constraint.
Database Database is the root class for HSQL Database Engine database.
DatabaseFile This class provides methods for reading and writing data from a database file such as that used for storing a cached table.
DatabaseInformation Provides information about the database.
DatabaseRowInput Base class for reading the data for a database row in different formats.
DatabaseRowOutput Base class for writing the data for a database row in different formats.
DatabaseScript Script generation.
DiskNode Cached table Node implementation.
Only integral references to left, right and parent nodes in the AVL tree are held and used as offsets to disk data.
tTable is a reference to the table for this node and is used to get a linked node in the tree.
iId is a reference to the Index object that contains this node.
These fields can be eliminated in the future, by changing the method signatures to take a Table parameter from (fredt@users)
Expression Expression class declaration
Function Provides services to evaluate Java methods in the context of SQL function and stored procedure calls.
HsqlDatabaseProperties Manages a .properties file for a database.
HsqlName Name of an SQL object
HsqlProperties Wrapper for java.util.Properties to limit values to String objects and allow saving and loading.
HsqlServerFactory HsqlServerFactory
HsqlSocketRequestHandlerImpl Interface HsqlSocketRequestHandlerImpl
HypersonicDBServlet Database Servlet handling the access to the HyperSonic SQL database.
Index Index class declaration
jdbcConnection A connection (session) with a specific database.
jdbcDatabaseMetaData Comprehensive information about the database as a whole.
jdbcDriver Each JDBC driver must supply a class that implements the Driver interface.
jdbcPreparedStatement Implements both the java.sql.PreparedStatement and java.sql.CallableStatement interfaces.
jdbcResultSet Implements both the java.sql.ResultSet and java.sql.ResultSetMetaData interfaces.
jdbcStatement The object used for executing a static SQL statement and returning the results it produces.
jdbcSystem Handles the differences between jdk 1.1.x and 1.2.x and above
Library Class declaration
Like Class declaration
Log This class is responsible for most file handling.
MemoryNode Memory table node implementation.
Node The parent for all AVL node implementations, features factory methods for its subclasses.
Parser Class declaration
PointerNode Text table node implementation.
Nodes for the AVL tree are all built and kept in memory while the actual row data is accessed through TextCache from disk.
This extends MemoryNode by maintaining a disk based offset for the Row data.
Record Record class declaration
Result Class declaration
ReverseDatabaseFile Cache class declaration
ReverseTextCache Cache class declaration
Row In-memory representation of a database row object
Select Class declaration
Server Server acts as a database server and is one way of using the client-server mode of HSQL Database Engine.
ServerConnection All ServerConnection objects are listed in a Vector in mServer and removed when closed.
Servlet Servlet acts as a interface between the applet and the database for the the client / server mode of HSQL Database Engine.
Session Implementation of a user session with the database.
StringConverter Collection of static methods for converting strings between different formats and to and from byte arrays
Table Holds the data structures and methods for creation of a database table.
TableFilter Class declaration
TableWorks The methods in this class perform alterations to the structure of an existing table which may result in a new Table object
TextCache Handles operations on a DatabaseFile object and uses signle TextDdatbaseRowInput and TextDatabaseRowOutput objects to read and write rows of data to the file in text table format.
TextDatabaseRowInput Class for reading the data for a database row in text table format.
TextDatabaseRowOutput Class for writing the data for a database row in text table format.
TextTable Class declaration
Tokenizer Tokenizer class declaration
Trace handles creation and reporting of error messages and throwing SQLException
Transaction Class declaration
TriggerDef TriggerDef class declaration Definition and execution of triggers Development of the trigger implementation sponsored by Logicscope Realisations Ltd
User Class declaration
UserManager The collection (Vector) of User object instances within a specific database.
View Implementation of SQL VIEWS based on a SELECT query.