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Code for the features described in chapter 14 of the Slee spec reside here.


Interface Summary
ResourceAdaptorMBean Resource Adaptor MBean
SleeLifecycleMonitorMBean Helper MBean for Slee Lifecycle control.

Class Summary
ComponentIDArrayPropertyEditor Propoerty editor for component ID array.
ComponentIDPropertyEditor Property Editor for ComponentID.
DeployableUnitIDPropertyEditor Property editor for deployable unit id.
DeploymentMBeanImpl Implementation of the deployment MBean.
LevelPropertyEditor Property Editor for the Level object.
ProfileProvisioningMBeanImpl MBean class for profile provisioning through jmx
PropertiesPropertyEditor TODO Class Description
ResourceAdaptorMBeanImpl Resource Adaptor MBean implementation ( TODO -- make this match the 1.1 spec!)
SampleStatisticsImpl The implementation of the sample statistics class.
SbbUsageMBeanImpl SbbUsageMBeanImpl -- implementation of the SbbUsageMBean
ServiceManagementMBeanImpl Implementation of the ServiceManagementMBean
ServiceStatePropertyEditor Property Editor for the ServiceState object.
ServiceUsageMBeanImpl See SLEE 1.0 #14.9.
SleeManagementMBeanImpl Implementation of the Slee Management MBean See SLEE 1.0 spec, section 14.6.2 SleeManagementMBean inteface
TraceMBeanImpl Implementation of the Trace MBean.

Package Description

Code for the features described in chapter 14 of the Slee spec reside here.