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org.modama: Javadoc index of package org.modama.

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Abstracton2InputOperation: a baseclass for operation on exactly two inputs, it asumes that the order of the 2 inputs doesnt matter depending on the types of the input the output changes slightly: Ne -> NumberEntity Ie -> ImageEntity Nl -> NumberList Il -> ImageList - the input order doesnt matter, so their are 14 possiblities) Input Output Ne an Entity with the same data Ie an Entity with the same data Il a new Ie output = calc( ... calc( calc( calc( Il[0], Il[1] ), Il[2] ), Il[3] ) ... ) Nl a new Ne output = calc( ... calc( calc( calc( Nl[0], Nl[1] ), Nl[2] ), Nl[3] ) ... ) Ne Ne a new Ne output = calc( Ne, Ne ) Ne Nl a ...
AbstractOperation: The abstract base class for an operation. An op consists of several inputentities, after setting needed inputs, an op can be executed to create an output entity. if you want to create a new operation extend this class, if your operation depends on the input, you can use the strategy pattern -> create innerclasses that implement Calculator, they are automaticly choosen by searching a calculator that accepts the current input in addition, if you change an input entity, the op will recalculate and set the new data to the resulting entity, what will also affect an event, etc.. TODO add thread TODO ...
JAIAdjustableImage: org.modama.viewer for JAI images ability to move, zoom and rotating the image its also posible to add JComponents that are drawn over the image this is the second version of this class, new fetaeures are: - the image is drawn with a Graphics2D object - a AffineTransform is used to do scaling and rotating - optional a LUT can be specified their is one important thing about the lut, because JAI doesnt suport lookupfunctions for floatingpointvalues, the image is transformed to USHORT if its DOUBLE or FLOAT, where the minimum value will be 0 and the maximumvalue will be 65535, you have to take care ...
MosaicDescriptor: A JAI operation descriptor for the Mosaic operation. This operation produces an image from a grid of tile sources, each tile being a separate JAI image. All source images must be the same size and have the same tile size, sample model and color model. The resulting image will have a tile size the same as the sources. The parameters are the number of rows and columns in the grid and a two dimensional array of the source tiles.
AbstractList_ListModel: implements a java.util.List that can directly be used as a listmodel since multiinheritance is not possible, there are 2 possibilitys: implementing the List interface, and inherit from AbstractListModel or implementing the ListModel interface and inheritating from AbstractList i took the first method because some of the List methods have to changed anyhow, to let them fire changeevents
SimpleRenderedImage: A simple class implemented the RenderedImage interface. Only the getTile() method needs to be implemented by subclasses. The instance variables must also be filled in properly. Normally in JAI PlanarImage is used for this purpose, but in the interest of modularity the use of PlanarImage has been avoided.
ImageViewerOptions: a class for editing the propertys of a CoordinateImageViewer at the moment their are panels for: general -> viewport, axes on/off, lutviewer on/off rulepropertys -> the props for creating the rules TODO die ganze klasse ist scheise und buggi (beim viewport), und es bleibt die frage was man das mit dem updaten handhabt
ModamaVersionBuilder: This class loads version.xml file with information about the latest deployed files. One can now increment the version number (head.main.sub) and set the type of the new release (release/beta). After that, the version.xml is saved and various files, that depends on current version information are created, by calling DVSL.
MApp: The main application its contains some methods to gain access to the currently opened document and JGraph so its possible to implement additional functionality to enable MDI support the app registers to each JGraph its own MarqueeHandler, where mouse events are caught and processed in some different way.
ParameterLayout: Einfacher Layoutmanager, stellt Components untereinander dar, zu jedem Field sollte ein String übergeben werden, welcher als Label vor dem Field angezeigt wird die groese der rechten und linken seite kann angegeben werden, oder automatisch bestimmt werden (0 oder keine parameter uebergeben)
AbstractDefaultAction: an abstract Action override actionPerformed to do your action you can enable/disable the action by overriding the isActive method (returns always true by default) if you want it to be a checkbox, isCheckBox have to return true, then you also should override the method isChecked
OpSlice: SLICE makes a slice (a cut) with a given thickness at a given position through the image accepts exactly one ImageEntity as input, maybe it also should accept a list, and make produce an NumberLists as output, but at the moment multiple outputs are not allowed -> later
AbstractDialog: a frame for creating dialogs you have to implement the following functions: setupGUI create, add and layout the components setupEvents setup the events for the components updateGUI set the values of the components (from the model)
MMarqueeHandler: Modama's marquee handler for jgraph LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: on a port: initiate connection mode double on a cell: open editor for entity else: move cell or nothing RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON: on a cell: popupmenu for cell else: popup for document
SpotsViewer: the model for this viewer is a collection of spots (LUTProperties), but it only shows one selected spot at a time the selection of the spots is done external provides a textfield for the position, a colorchooser and a delete button
AbstractEntity: The base class for all entities. A entity a piece of data, wrapped so it can be loaded, saved,... An entity has a name to display, a fullname if additional naming is required (i.e. filename) and some data and a unique ID
AbstractFrameworkModel: the modelclass for the framework adds to the model: - names for events - load/save/delete methoddeclarations IMPORTANT: the create and delete methods should also call the put/delete methods of the world
MouseRedispatcher: a class that can be registered for the glasspane of a frame or internalframe it will redispatch the events to the commponents of the contentPane (contentpane and glasspane have to be specified in the constructor)
EntityCtrl: THis is the controller for entities. it need an entity-model to create itself. it will automatic detect, which view-class is needed and initialize it it will create an JInternalFrame and add the viewer to it
ActionFactory: A static Class to process actions First you have to tell ActionFactory what actions are available. Then, a call to createXXX will make the real stuff and returns, whatever is needed.
Cache: an abstract base clase that hase a static create method where an object is created from a given object, the new created object is cached in a hashmap using the hashcode of the fiven object as key
ICoordinatesystem: a interface that could be implemented by classes like the JAIAdjustableImage that consist a zoomable, moveable object. It defines functions to convert screen coordinates to objectcoordinates.
NumberList: a list of numbers, internal the data is an array of doubles, if needed a NumberEntity is created from the double value but you can also just use the array directly (wich is more efficient)
Cache: This class encapsulate a cache stragety. currently it just a lookup-table-cache (call get(key) and you get the object from the hashmap if its already exists. if not create(key) is called)

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