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org.objectstyle.cayenne.project.validator.* (14)

org.objectstyle.cayenne.project: Javadoc index of package org.objectstyle.cayenne.project.

Package Samples:

org.objectstyle.cayenne.project.validator: Contains model classes used by CayenneModeler or any other MVC type of application to work with Cayenne project files.  


NamedObjectFactory: Factory class that generates various Cayenne objects with default names that are unique in their corresponding context. Supports creation of the following objects: DataMap ObjEntity ObjAttribute ObjRelationship DbEntity DerivedDbEntity DbAttribute DerivedDbAttribute DbRelationship DataNode DataDomain Procedure ProcedureParameter This is a helper class used mostly by GUI and database reengineering classes.
ProjectPath: Immutable holder of a selection path within a Cayenne project. Mostly used by various tools (CayenneModeler comes to mind) to navigate Cayenne projects. Contains a number of convenience methods to access path elements. For instance, given a path Project -> DataMap -> ObjEntity -> ObjAttribute , getObject will return ObjAttribute, getObjectParent - ObjEntity, getRoot - Project.
ProjectTraversal: ProjectTraversal allows to traverse Cayenne project tree in a "depth-first" order starting from an arbitrary level to its children. Current implementation is not very efficient and would actually first read the whole tree, before returning the first element from the iterator.
Project: Describes a model of Cayenne project. Project is a set of files in the filesystem describing storing Cayenne DataMaps, DataNodes and other information. Project has a project directory, which is a canonical directory. All project files are relative to the project directory.
PartialProject: PartialProject is a "lightweight" project implementation. It can work with projects even when some of the resources are missing. It never instantiates Cayenne stack objects, using other, lightweight, data structures instead.
ApplicationProjectFile: ApplicationProjectFile is a ProjectFile abstraction of the main project file in a Cayenne project. Right now Cayenne projects can not be renamed, so all the name tracking functionality is pretty much noop.
CayenneUserDir: CayenneUserDir represents a directory where all Cayenne-related information is stored on the user machine. This is normally a $HOME/.cayenne directory.
TreeNodeValidator: Validator of a single node in a project object tree. Do not confuse with org.objectstyle.cayenne.access.DataNode.
FlatProjectView: FlatProjectView converts a project tree into a list of nodes, thus flattening the tree. Normally used as a singleton.
ProjectDataSourceFactory: Factory of DataSource objects used by the project model. Always tries to locate file with direct connection info.
ProjectFile: ProjectFile is an adapter from an object in Cayenne project to its representation in the file system.
ProjectTraversalHandler: ProjectTraversalHandler defines callback methods that are invoked during project tree traversal.
ValidationInfo: ValidationInfo encapsulates information about a single node validation on the project tree.
DataNodeFile: DataNodeFile is a ProjectFile abstraction of the DataNode file in a Cayenne project.
DataMapFile: DataMapFile is a ProjectFile abstraction of the DataMap file in a Cayenne project.
ProjectDataSource: ProjectDataSource is a DataSource implementation used by the project model.
DataNodeConfigInfo: Stores information necessary to reconfigure nodes of existing projects.
ProjectConfigInfo: Stores project information necessary to reconfigure existing projects.
ProjectException: Runtime exception thrown on various errors within project model.
ProjectConfigurator: Performs on the fly reconfiguration of Cayenne projects.
ProjectConfiguration: Subclass of FileConfiguration used in the project model.
DataMapProject: Cayenne project that consists of a single DataMap.
Validator: Validator is used to validate Cayenne projects.
ProcedureParameterValidator: Validator for stored procedure parameters.

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