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openMosixApplet: Contains the applet's main code. The applet: Opens a TCP connection to a running OpenMosixInfoSever daemon Sends requests (in a one-line-only format) to the daemon Gets the daemon's answer Closes the connection to the daemon The applet implements three Java interfaces: Runnable: Java standard threads (loop code is in the run() method) KeyListener: Java standard keyboard support (handling code is in the key*() methods) ActionListener: Java standard event-driven support (handling code is in the actionPerformed() method)
ConnHandler: Creates an manages a single connection with one client. This class, instanced by OpenMosixInfoServer, implements Thread interface ( Runnable ) so to work independently.
OpenMosixInfoServer: Contains the main code: creates connections (instances of ConnHandler) with the clients. This class is able to manage several connections at the same time.
IOHandler: This class reads files from /proc/hpc/nodes interface and returns them to the ConnHander class.
Logger: Provides facilities for outputting messages to the console and the logfile.
CLIUtils: Utilities for command line parsing.

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