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Class HoldemBeliefVector  view HoldemBeliefVector download

  extended byorg.pokersource.enum.BeliefVector
      extended byorg.pokersource.enum.HoldemBeliefVector

public class HoldemBeliefVector
extends BeliefVector

A concrete implementation of BeliefVector for the game of Holdem.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.pokersource.enum.BeliefVector
Constructor Summary
HoldemBeliefVector(java.lang.String spec)
          Instantiate from a string representation.
Method Summary
 void fromString(java.lang.String spec)
          Instantiate self from string respresentation.
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
Methods inherited from class org.pokersource.enum.BeliefVector
addHandGroupAbsolute, addHandGroupRelative, addRemainingAbsolute, addRemainingRelative, getBeliefProb, getHands, setDeadCards, toString, toStringAtomic, validate
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Constructor Detail


public HoldemBeliefVector(java.lang.String spec)
Instantiate from a string representation. The syntax is one or more whitespace separated tokens, where each token takes the form GROUP [":" RELPROB | "=" ABSPROB]. Here GROUP is the string representation of a HoldemHandGroup, RELPROB indicates that hands in the group are RELPROB/100 times as likely as would be expected without any other information, and ABSPROB indicates that hands in the group occur precisely ABSPROB percent of the time. If the probability is omitted then ":100" is the default. Either all groups must use relative probability or all groups must use absolute probability. The special value "" may be used for the last GROUP; it denotes the set of hands not yet mentioned in any previous GROUP.

Method Detail


public void fromString(java.lang.String spec)
Description copied from class: BeliefVector
Instantiate self from string respresentation. This method must be implemented by all subclasses. Also, subclass constructors should call super(spec) and then fromString(spec).

Specified by:
fromString in class BeliefVector


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)