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org.pokersource.enum.test.* (12)

org.pokersource.enum: Javadoc index of package org.pokersource.enum.

Package Samples:

org.pokersource.enum.test: Provides classes that enumerate or sample the possible outcomes of a poker hand, define hand distributions, define subjective belief probabilities over hand distributions, and compute subjective pot equity based on these beliefs.  


HoldemAbdulGroup: A holdem hand group representing sets of starting hands defined using abdulian notation. The notation is: 99+ pair >= 99 ATs+ suited ace with kicker >= T KTs+ suited king with kicker >= T QTs+ suited queen with kicker >= T 9xs+ any suited hand with a nine or higher (except those above) 76s+ suited 0-gap connector, JT-76 75s+ suited 1-gap connector, J9-75 74s+ suited 2-gap connector, J8-74 AT+ offsuit ace with kicker >= T KT+ offsuit king with kicker >= T QT+ offsuit queen with kicker >= T 9x+ any offsuit hand with a nine or higher (except those above) 76+ offsuit 0-gap connector, JT-76 75+ offsuit ...
NestedLoopEnumeration: An iterator that steps through an abritrary number of nested loops, each starting at zero and ending at its own upper limit. Useful when the number of nested loops is known only at runtime. Example: if the limits are set to {2, 3, 2}, then the iterator will return the following values: {0, 0, 0} {0, 0, 1} {0, 1, 0} {0, 1, 1} {0, 2, 0} {0, 2, 1} {1, 0, 0} {1, 0, 1} {1, 1, 0} {1, 1, 1} {1, 2, 0} {1, 2, 1}
HandGroup: A HandGroup represents a set of poker hands that can be referred to by name. The specific way that hands are assigned to named groups is specific to each poker game. For example, in Holdem, named groups include specific holdings like "AhAd", "Kh2h"; canonical starting hands like "AKs", "TT"; or abdulian groups like "Q8s+". Subclasses like HoldemHandGroup define these groups for specific games.
SAIE: Algorithms for computing subjective all-in equity. SAIE is a player's pot equity given particular beliefs about the possible hands of the opponent(s) and assuming no further betting. Beliefs about an opponent's hand distribution are represented by a BeliefVector object which maps each possible opponent hand to the probability of its occurrence.
HoldemSMGroup: A holdem hand group representing sets of starting hands corresponding to Sklansky & Malmuth groups. "SM1" is group 1, etc., with "SM9" defined to be all hands not included in groups 1-8.
HoldemHandGroupFactory: Creates instances of HoldemHandGroup objects from their string representations. Use of this factory is preferred to directly calling the constructors of the HoldemHandGroup subclasses.
BeliefVector: Represents subjective beliefs about the possible hands held by a player. Maintains a mapping from each hand to its probability of occurrence.
HoldemCanonGroup: A holdem hand group representing sets of starting hands defined using canonical notation: "KK", "AQs", "T9".
NestedLoopSampling: Like NestedLoopEnumeration, but rather than visiting every entry in turn, randomly samples with replacement.
Enumerate: Algorithms for enumerating or sampling the outcomes of a poker hand matchup.
HoldemAtomicGroup: A holdem hand group representing one exact starting hand such as "AhKh".
HoldemUniversalGroup: A holdem hand group representing every possible starting Holdem hand.
HoldemBeliefVector: A concrete implementation of BeliefVector for the game of Holdem.

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