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Package org.quartz.core

The main package of Quartz, containing the client-side interfaces.


Interface Summary
JobRunShellFactory Responsible for creating the instances of JobRunShell to be used within the QuartzScheduler instance.

Class Summary
JobRunShell JobRunShell instances are responsible for providing the 'safe' environment for Job s to run in, and for performing all of the work of executing the Job, catching ANY thrown exceptions, updating the Trigger with the Job's completion code, etc.
QuartzScheduler This is the heart of Quartz, an indirect implementation of the org.quartz.Scheduler interface, containing methods to schedule org.quartz.Jobs, register org.quartz.JobListener instances, etc.
QuartzSchedulerResources Contains all of the resources (JobStore,ThreadPool, etc.) necessary to create a QuartzScheduler instance.
QuartzSchedulerThread The thread responsible for performing the work of firing org.quartz.Trigger s that are registered with the QuartzScheduler.
SchedulerSignalerImpl An interface to be used by JobStore instances in order to communicate signals back to the QuartzScheduler.
SchedulingContext An object used to pass information about the 'client' to the QuartzScheduler.

Exception Summary

Package org.quartz.core Description

The main package of Quartz, containing the client-side interfaces.

See the Quartz project on SourceForge for more information.