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org.repoweb.model.util: Repoweb model definition.  


FindArtifact: Find by id (or attached to a group) artifacts defined in the repository. IN QuickFind.SEARCH_VALUE (request/optional): the pattern to search for. FindArtifact.SEARCH_BY_GROUP_KEY (request/optional): the group Id. OUT FindArtifact.RESULT (request): result of the search. FindArtifact.RESULT_GROUP (request/optional): the group find by SEARCH_BY_GROUP_KEY.
FindGroup: Find by groupId (or All) groups defined in the repository. IN QuickFind.SEARCH_VALUE (request/optional): the pattern to search for. OUT FindGroup.RESULT (request): result of the search.
UriBeautifier: Transform an URI to action call. Read URI such as : repository/junit/jars/junti-3.8.1.jar.
ManagerPlugIn: Plugin used to load/save the configuration file at startup/shutdown.
FileRepository: Represente un repository maven accede directement par des fichiers .
ManagerConfig: Bean that represent configuration of the repository manager.
ArtifactListFilter: Represent a filter of artifact (or property of artifacts) .
UnknownGroupIdException: Thrown when the group id does not exist in the repository.
TestUtil: Contains utilitary methods to simulate a repository on HD.
TypeFolderFilter: Filter folder to retain only type folder (end with 's').
DispatchAction: Dispatch control flow accordingly to a parametrized Id.
Artifact: Represent a maven's artifact (jar, xml, etc. files)
BadConfigException: Thrown when the manager has been badly configured.
FArtifact: Implementation of an artifact for file system.
QuickFind: Define constants for the quick find form.
ManagerConfigAction: To edit/update manager configuration.
FGroup: Implementation for file Repository.
FileFilterArtifact: Filter file that can be artifact.
BadArtifactFileException: Signal a bad artifact file name.
FGroupList: Represente la liste des groupes.
UriBeautifierTest: Test classes for UriBeautifier.
Repository: Represente un repository Maven.
ArtifactList: Represent a list of artifact.
Group: Represent an artifact group.

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