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org.scubatoolkit: Javadoc index of package org.scubatoolkit.

Package Samples:



EscapableDialog: Abstract class that can be extended by 'simple' dialogs that require themselves to be closed when the Esc key is pressed. An abstract method is provided to allow the subclasses to perform actions before the dialog is disposed of.
ScubaUtils: This class provides some general utility functions for use * throughout the application. These include - internationalisation.... * * @author Lee Turner, Javier Vilalta * @version 1.0
Settings: This class manages the settings of the application. The init() method should be called at the beginning of the application to load the settings files.
Scubatoolkit: Main class for the scuba toolkit application. TODO: Implement exit() method to cleanly exit the toolkit.
DatabaseManagerException: Exceptions that occur out of the use of the DatabaseManager.
SettingsException: Exceptions that occur out of the use of the settings class.
SplashScreen: Displays the splash screen for scuba toolkit application.
AboutDialog: Displays the about screen for scuba toolkit application.
DatabaseManager: Class to manage all database operations
AppWindow: Description of the Class
BlendingCalcWindow: Description of the Class
DbTable: Description of the Class
Dive: Description of the Class
DiveLog: Description of the Class
DiveLogWindow: Description of the Class
EditSiteWindow: Description of the Class
Gas: Description of the Class
HeliCalcWindow: Description of the Class
NitrCalcWindow: Description of the Class

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